Why replace a Floor?

Why replace a Floor?


Out floors serve many functions. Apart from providing the surface upon which we stand and place our belongings they also connect to the environment aspects of the room (the temperature and humidity) and are a fundamental part of the décor. Older flooring can compromise any or all of these aspects of our homes.

Improve air quality

Modern timber very rarely causes health concerns, but older carpet or moisture problems beneath the floor can be an issue. Replacing the floor, and taking measures against moisture, mould and dust mites can make all the difference to a home.


Walking surface

A softer walking surface can make life easier on our feet, back and other joints. Floating floors are one option, with an underlay that provides some cushioning.


Visual Look

We spend a lot of time in our homes. Life is better is we live in a house that we find pleasing. An upgrade can last for decades.


Timber flooring Perth

Wooden floors remain a popular choice. They can look good when colour stained or carpeted. And the options can be changed over time.


Floor sanding Perth

Good solid timber can be restored to new condition with a floor sanding. The actual timber can last more than a lifetime. If the floor shows signs of wear it can be re-sanded at look like new. Else, home owners sometime what to re-stain the floor to a different colour after sanding. A floor should be re-sanded every 10-20 years, and still last a century.


Floating timber floors Perth

Floating floors are installed above existing floors. They consist of pre-cut timber slates that easily lock together, make for quick and relatively simple DIY projects. While they do last for many years it is possible (and quite easy) to replace the floating floor should they suffer damage, or if the home owners feel like a change or décor.


Bamboo flooring Perth

Bamboo is the newer flooring option that is similar to traditional timber. It has a similar durability to higher quality wood and similar stain and colour options.


Laminate flooring Perth

Laminate is a low expense option designed to imitate wood, or even stone or tiles. There are more design options with laminate than any medium. It is well suited to floating floors and DIY projects.


Avoid Hacking and Malware

Our phones are not immune to the influence of other people. Nobody is specifically targeting us individually, but there will always be some criminal activity that threatens to steal our credit details or just prove inconvenient. Some precautions can go a long way to prevent this.


  • Use passwords whenever possible. Make them hard to guess and don’t share them with anybody.
  • Change passwords on a regular basis.
  • Don’t use any programme than remembers passwords. Anybody using you device can exploit this.
  • If your email is hacked, immediately change all other passwords.
  • Backup any photos and files you want to keep. If your device fails you do not want to lose this important information.
  • If you have Bluetooth enabled, turn off ‘discoverable’ so others cannot detect you be scanning.
  • Install mobile security software. Sometimes this is free from the phone manufacturer.
  • Get and anti-virus app.
  • Some apps will let you control your phone remotely if it is stolen.
  • Most public Wi-Fi is unsafe. Avoid any messages with personal data, and do not use any credit cards or make purchases over Wi-Fi.
  • Don’t install any apps that ask for personal information other than what is relevant to their use.
  • Never follow unsolicited email leads.
  • Never answer emails that claim to be from your bank. No bank ever communicates this way.
  • If you install apps, google them beforehand to see if others have had good or bad experiences with them.
  • If the phone has tracker capability the activate it, and use it to remotely lock and locate your phone.
  • Update your phone’s firmware. Newer firmware will provide some greater protection.


Mobile Phone repairs Sydney

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iPhone Repairs Sydney

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Traditional Braces

These are the metal brackets that first come to mind when we talk about braces. They have always been quite effective, even for severe dental problems, but they were also quite intrusive; they were quite bulky in the mouth and could not really be hidden from sight.


Pros –

  • Reasonably Cost Effective
  • They perform well and effectively correct almost all orthodontic issues.
  • Only moderate upkeep, reasonably durable.
  • Reasonably fast acting.
  • Certain types of food cannot be eaten.
  • Some colour bands available.


Cons –

  • Initially painful, but this is common in orthodontics. The pain soon passes.
  • They cannot really be concealed.


Ceramic Braces

These are an improved version of traditional braces, but with colours that blend in with the teeth. Clear wires further help this blending in.

Pros –

  • As effective as traditional braces
  • Less noticeable than traditional braces.


Cons –

  • More expensive than traditional braces.
  • Prone to staining, with more thorough cleaning required.
  • Certain types of food cannot be eaten.


Lingual Braces

These are like traditional braces, but placed behind the teeth, facing the tongue.


  • Almost impossible for other to see.


  • More expensive
  • Difficult to maintain
  • Cannot be used for all types of orthodontic treatment. Not for severe problems
  • Initially more painful than other methods.
  • Require time consuming appointments.



These are a type of plastic mouthpiece than move teeth into place. A series of these mouthpieces is needed for full treatment, each being replaced after about two weeks. They are popular with adults.

Pros –

  • Largely unnoticeable.
  • Food and drink can be consumed as per normal



Cons –

  • Only suitable for minor or moderate dental problems
  • More expensive than other options.
  • The mouth piece can be easily lost.
  • Effective results may take some time.



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Details and Decals

People who have seen early attempts at 3-D modelling remember how neat, clean and artificial many early 3-D models looked. Early computer models captured the shape, accurate proportions, and often the general colour of an object, but not the fine details, and certainly not the imperfections. We minds intuitively sensed there was something not right.


 Film Models

The models earlier generations used for films were prone to the same drawback. They needed some fine detail and ‘grit’ to look realistic. Often this could be covered up with by the lower resolution of the picture, with a slightly ‘dirty’ looking model passing a casual glance. But the same principle still applied- the model couldn’t look like an architect’s diagram.


A process called ‘greebleing’ was developed for many film models of the 1970s. This was just the process of adding details to surfaces to prevent spaceships in Star Wars from looking like simple geometric shapes. The added details served no real function other than adding to the realism of the object. Our minds expect this. Real objects have both overall shapes and minor details. Models must replicate this on a very small scale.


Plastic model Decals

Plastic model decals add to the detail of their respective models. In isolation the decals are often quite simple – emblems, shapes, insignia or just isolated words. But when these simple decals are added to a larger object they are part of the accumulating detail. None of the details are complex on their own, it is the large number of simple details that give the overall impression or complexity, and hence, realism.


Waterslide decals & Inkjet decal paper

Custom decals will be made to a specific design, such as the insignia of a military vehicle or the personal logo of the creator. All the other applied details are less specific, but the overall effect creates a model that is far more convincing.

Advantages of Buying Online


You can shop at any time, drinking coffee while still in your dressing gown.


You can cover so many pages of products in a short amount of time, and find the item(s) you want.

Quick Checks.

You don’t have to worry about buying something you already have at home. You are at home, so you can quickly check to see if you have the item.


There is at least as much variety online as most shops, if not much more. Often out of stock products can still be ordered.

Lower Cost

Items online are subject to minimal storage, transport and display costs. You get the item straight from the warehouse/factory, without paying for a shop assistant and store rent.


Online items can be posted straight to the person you buy the gift for, and there is no extra charge unless they are overseas. Nothing could be simpler and less time consuming than giving the recipient’s postal address. No more lining up at the post office.

No Crowds

No sales pressure. And no Christmas rush


Look at refund policies. As long as an item can be returned there is no real risk.

Make sure you payment system is safe. Talk to your bank about a safe online payment system. PayPal is one option.


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Choosing Flooring


Timber Flooring Perth

With all the options for flooring we are spoilt for choice. But it’s not all the aesthetic appeal of a certain wood and financial considerations. Rooms serve different functions, and we should plan for this.


The Room

Look the room and what it will be used for. Will it experience heavy footfall? Will it be subject to safety regulations? Will there be heating under the floorboards/ or perhaps other piping or electrical wiring.


The Overall Picture

Aesthetics look at how all the pieces of something fit together. Pieces that look attractive in isolation can clash when put together. Consider the wall colour, curtains, furnishing and everything else in the room. We need not design around the floor; we might design the rest of the room first install a floor that we know will match. Start looking at the parts of the room that are permanent, and then look at the aspects you want to keep or the objects you want to add.


Parquet flooring – structured mosaic like patterns.

Safety flooring – reduces slip problems.

Laminate – durable best of many types of wood, with no expansion problems.

Floating timber floors Perth – isolation from the subfloor. Great for sound isolation, and easy to replace.

Bamboo flooring Perth – An environmentally sound and lower cost options. Bamboo can be processed to look like many types of wood, and can be made to be quite durable.


Timber floors Perth

When choosing timber floors Perth has many fine options. Consider bamboo, engineered floors and solid timber.

Foreign Reasons

The escape room phenomena has appeared in many countries. It is not difficult to see the precursors to this trend. Escape videos games have been around for more than a generation. And films like the Saw series have a similar premise. Even the James bond book Dr No from the late 1950s has a finale similar to an escape game. But watching the development of the trend does not explain its appeal. Why are escape rooms, and their literary precursors, appealing to us?


A few Chinese journalistic articles have tried to answer this question. They claim modern professional are worked hard in today’s society, keep busy on a strict schedule; this is something that they literally want to escape. Being confined to a small room, even handcuffed, normally shouldn’t   seem like something we should find appealing. But we must remember that it is the escape we are looking forward to. Perhaps we already feel a little confined in our own life, and we want to feel we can escape it, at least symbolically.


Perhaps this should come as no surprise. The term ‘escapism’ has been applied to many form of entertainment for decades. Escape rooms manage to express this more literally, while also being a creative and intellectual exercise.


This is the view of those observing the gamers. But when we participate in the game we experience something different – mostly the dopamine and intense emotion of the situation. Which is not to say we don’t also have the afore mentioned desire to escape our routine lives. Just that we experience a few mild extremes when we do it.


Perhaps it’s what the Australian’s called the ‘claytons’ thing. We can go through the experience in an escape room without actually living experience. There is no risk, only the emotions involved.


Escape room game Sydney

Our motives may differ, which is good lest we all be the same, but try the escape room Sydney siders have found so attractive. Break out of a mindset or bad habit, if not the puzzle before you.