Generation Changes in Air Travel

Air travel changes with technology, social situations and politics. Since a generation ago there have been many changes.

Jet Lag

The world is still the same size, but technology has compensated to changing time zones in a few ways. Just having a better flight condition, so we don’t get dehydrated, so we might get some sleep, makes all the difference when we arrive. Carbon fibre components in aircraft help this situation considerably.


In the 1980s it cost the average person three weeks wages to fly to the USE or UK. Now it is about one week’s wage.

Booking Online

It is much more convenient to book with the internet than it ever was to use a travel agent or book over the phone. This reduces the cost as we are not paying for an individual to serve us. Sydney airport transfers are easily made on the internet.

Book an airport shuttle Sydney wide on the net, and save time and money.

Much more strict that a generation ago. Who would have thought there would ever be a restriction on bringing liquids on board?

At the same time the security checks are actually quicker than before. And baggage weight allowances have increased.


In the 1990s everybody in the plane watch the same film(s). Now it is common for each seat to have its own screen and a wide choice of films. It is also becoming increasingly common to use Wi-Fi on a plane.

Politics of the Destination

US President Trump has tried to set limitations on travel from some countries. This was hardly an issue in the 1990s. Though most of these proposed restrictions have not been upheld.

Dress Regulations

Long ago people dressed up when they took a plane trip. After plane travel became commonplace they started to dress for comfort, and in anticipation for the weather at their destination. We have tended to become neatly casual when dressing for aircraft, and do not have high expectations of others.

In early 2017 a pair of teenagers were turned away from a flight because of inappropriate attire. Many people were surprised by this, and surprised that airlines still had dress regulations. What is underreported is that the two teenagers were flying on an employee pass, so were considered to be representatives of the airline; restrictions are more severe and more likely to be reinforced in these situations.

Most airlines do have dress codes, but they are fairly tolerant when it comes to reinforcing them. As long as passengers are reasonably attired there is nothing said.

Dress for you destination. 


There are more flight and airlines than ever before, yet accidents are becoming even less common.

Sydney Airport Shuttle Services

A Sydney Airport Shuttle is always a good way to start or return from a trip, no matter your attire or expectations. Let your vacation or business trip start the moment you leave your home.


Flight Advice

A few flight attendants, pilots, shuttle drivers and those who fly frequently offer some experience based advice.

  • Don’t take shoes, off, or at least walk around the plane without them. You don’t know what other travellers have been walking through.
  • Planes are periodically cleaned, but the other passengers (and yourself) could be bringing anything into the plane. Treat all surfaces as unclean.
  • The special meals, kosher, gluten free …etc. Are almost always prepared just before the flight. And they are often the first served, if you find being first an advantage.
  • Food tastes different on a plane because of the low pressure, noise and the fact that the meal must be pre-prepared. Some airlines compensate by including more salt. Avoid eating too much of the airline food.
  • Know the emergency procedure. We never know how we will react in a crisis, or how others react. It helps if we can follow a procedure in a reflex manner.
  • The water on the planes is of dubious quality; this includes the tea and coffee. Bring an empty bottle and fill it up at the airport before leaving. Do drink water, because the flight will dehydrate you, but make sure it is clean.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks – the low air pressure and the bubbly drink will make you feel bloated.
  • Caffeine and alcohol will dehydrate you, more so in the dry plane conditions.
  • You are exposed to UV light through the cabin window, much like a sunny day. Wear sunscreen or draw the shades.
  • Do some leg exercises to help you circulation. The socks that prevent deep vein thrombosis are good if you travel frequently.
  • There are dress codes, but they are rarely enforces. As long as you are neat and tidy, and not showing flesh, there is very rarely an issue. The exception is if you are on an employee pass, where you are representing the company and are expected to look the part.
  • Find a way to adapt to your destination’s time zone ahead of time.
  • An old trick, but chewing gum or a throat lozenge makes it easier for your ears to re-pressurize during accent and decent.
  • Many airlines are looking at changing all flight entertainment so they it relies on Wi-Fi. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi device you will have little to do.
  • An airport shuttle solves almost all baggage and transport issues. Pre-book an airport shuttle and avoid the hassle and logistic planning at the beginning and end of you trip.


In my free time I like to watch a lot of television shows and movies, in many of these shows and movies there are various wedding scenes. I then thought about the amount of work that would be required to go into the weddings, not just the ones on screen but in real life. There would be a lot of planning which takes place, this includes things such as travel, guest list, dresses, catering and much much more. I haven’t experienced any of this myself and I hope that I will never need to. It seems incredibly stressful and annoying.

First of there is the guest list, who do you invite? Well first off you have to invite that couple that invited you to their wedding out of courtesy. Then you need to invite your family and your spouse/husbands family as well. That’s easily maybe 20 people already. Then there’s friends, not just your friends but your significant other’s friends. That just kicked up the list, doubling maybe even tripling. Once your guest list is complete, you need to decide the invitations. What will they look like, what font, colour. All this small insignificant details, I think no one would even care except for the bridge and groom. They’d most likely keep it in a scrapbook whilst everyone else would probably throw it all away.

The venue. Where do you want your wedding? Will it be on the beach? What will the weather be like on your wedding day? Will it be so windy that you cannot stand upright and half your guest list is been blown away. If you book a church, will it fit all your guests? Will the church be available on the day of the wedding? These a small factors which many can overcome but when piled together with everything else, it can create havoc. May even cause people to not even want to get married in front of friends and family.

Well I am not an expert but I do know some brands which you may find helpful for your special day.

It must be noted that the categories are listed in alphabetical order, not order of significance :p


I’m not too familiar with the catering such as the entrees and dinners but I have some knowledge about the dessert. At wedding functions, the cake normally represents the unity between the couple when they cut the cake together as one. But the thing is, that this cake supplier designs and create the most delicate and cutest cakes in the world. They are so adorable you wouldn’t want to eat it, you just want to store it for everyone to see. This brand is called Sweet Olivia.

Sweet Olivia takes pride in adding an artistic touch to everything they product, from quality desserts for any occasion to custom birthday cakes, wedding cakes, or other quality treats for your special events. Every cake is a piece of art, designed to fit into its celebration perfectly. Each cake is crafted with the highest level of care and attention to detail. As beautiful as these cakes are, they stand on their own as delicious and decadent desserts.


Makeup is so important when it comes to weddings. You want to look different that what you look like normally. Great makeup works well with a beautiful gown. When I say that your wedding makeup should look different to your everyday makeup, it doesn’t mean you should go piling layers of makeup. It should be somewhat lighter to match the colour of your dress. If you use colours, maybe a light colour could work. Instead of a blue, you could use a skyblue. I don’t know my makeup that well but MJ Pro Makeup does.

MJ Pro Makeup offers professional mobile hair and makeup services for weddings and for all other special occasions. Their mobile services accommodate for areas such as Sydney, Blue Mountains, New Castle as well as the Hunter Valley. Depending on your wedding location, MJ Pro Makeup are more than happy to travel to your destination for your special day, whether it is in the comfort of your home or your hotel suite, this minimises stress for you and your bridal party.

However if you want to do your makeup yourself then you are welcome to do so. It may however cause you a bit more stress than hiring a specialist. If you do your makeup yourself and you require some eyelash extension supplies then Facetouch would be perfect for you!

Facetouch specialises in developing and selling eyelash supplies and permanent makeup products with the company motto: “Better Quality at a cheaper price”. Their aim is to provide products that are efficient and will not become a waste after use. Their eyelash supplies are high quality, Jinny K, the creator of Facetouch has spent over 15 years studying and experiencing eyelash extension and the permanent makeup industry.


Photography is vital for your wedding, you want to capture all the moments within the ceremony. All the happiness, laughter, smiles, everything. I recommend Splendid Photos & Video.

Splendid is by far one of the best wedding photography services I have ever seen. Their portfolio is filled with high quality and stunning photos. Splendid are an award winning photography studio in Sydney which are devoted to Professional Sydney Wedding Photography. Their photographers are experienced and utilise state of the art equipment to capture priceless and impressionable photos and video.

Just because I said I recommend it doesn’t mean that you should just stick to that one, have a look around. Another professional wedding photography service is Kim Studio Sydney.

Kim Studio Sydney / Shinhwa Wedding captures natural, extraordinary and beautiful moments into images inspiring your cherished stories. Their aim is to capture your precious wedding moments and turn them into timeless memories with long-lasting impressions. Not only do they do photography but they also specialise in hair & makeup as well as dresses and tuxedos.


Let’s say you have a specific place you want to be for your wedding day, maybe it’s at Hyde Park, well VIP Shuttle can help you out with that. Transport can be difficult for weddings as people may be late, they may get lost and this can often cause more stress for you. So let VIP shuttle take care of the travel. Their charter buses can accommodate large groups of guests, which is ideal for couples who are looking for a fast, safe and reliable method of transportation.

I like to think that group transportation is the best way to go for gatherings and special events as no one can get lost or arrive late. Everyone will arrive at the same time and if someone gets lost then everyone will get lost. But it is quite unlikely as VIP’s drivers plan the trips before the actual trip.

Well, what I learnt is that weddings are complicated and take a lot of work to pull off. I hope that I never have to go through with this ordeal and if I do, then I hope I still remember these brands for future reference.

I am not an expert in wedding planning but these are my thoughts.

Thanks for reading ^_^

Anytime Shuttle – Airport Shuttle

Anytime Shuttle – Sydney Airport Shuttle Bus Services

Packing Tips

Take what you need. I cannot remember a single trip where I didn’t take a least one thing that I never used. But the alternative seemed worse, being unable to go somewhere because there was nothing appropriate. You probably won’t need three of most items, but you might well need something that you could wear to a formal restaurant, and something to go hiking in; and these are unlikely to be the same thing. But most of the time a vacation calls for the comfortable and familiar cloths that can be worn most places. This may just mean two pairs of pants and a few shirts for most of the time. And if it wasn’t for the fact you need to wash them periodically you could make do with one.

How do we avoid the last minute packing situation, without becoming compulsive list makers? Trying leaving the suitcase open for a week before the trip, and divide up your laundry as it comes back from drying. Put what you need in the luggage and make a note of what you have yet to pack. Remember, you will be wearing a set of cloths when you leave, so packing one alternative set may be the main thing in your luggage.

You can avoid some incidents by buying items especially for the trip. Reject shop sell packets of socks for a few dollars. Buy half a dozen pairs and use them for the duration of the holiday. If they are all identical socks you need not worry about losing one and ending up with odd pairs. At the end of the vacation you can put them in a charity clothing bin.

Reject shops also stock cheap and useful items like plastic binoculars, torches, portable laundry lines, power adapters …etc. Buy these for the holiday and don’t worry if you lose them, as they didn’t cost much to begin with. The same goes for pocket sized tubes of sunscreen or small medical kits.

Take one warm jacket, even if you’re going to the beach. Probably best to wear it rather than pack it. Aircraft, buses and other transport do get cold from time to time, and even the hottest destinations have the occasional night chill. Even if you end up carrying the warm coat it’s only minor hassle and you can always store it with your hand luggage on most transport.

Take a hat. It is vital in sunny weather to avoid sunburn, and useful in cold weather to help stay warm. Carrying it on your head is hardly an inconvenience at all. The same goes for a decent pair of sunglasses.

We tend to bring back more than we take; souvenirs tend to accumulate. Leave room for this, or plan on those disposable items that you can leave behind. At worst you can buy a cheap extra suitcase at the destination.

Airlines have rules for carry-on luggage that forbid larger amounts of liquid or anything even remotely sharp. Buy small containers for toiletries (the reject shop again) and keep them (along with pocket knives or scissors) with check in luggage. Alternately, many hotels provide small portions of shampoo, moisturiser …etc. as part of their service.

Use a shuttle bus for transport. A lightly packed traveler will have more than enough room for their luggage; a heavy packer will have the benefit of the driver to help them moved their baggage. But remember that the airlines have their own luggage restrictions. Shuttle buses are more accommodating than the aircraft will be, though the distinction here is that aircraft restrict by weight, where as the only realistic restriction for a shuttle bus is physical bulk. Nonetheless anything that the airport allows in weight should be easily accommodated by an airport shuttle bus.

Tips provided by Anytime Shuttle – Sydney Airport Shuttle Bus Services.

For more information, head over to their website or give them a call.

Sydney Airport Shuttle

Anytime Shuttle – Sydney Airport Pick Up & Shuttle Bus Services

Easy Go Shuttle is a Sydney Airport Shuttle service which aims at providing a safe and cheap door-to-door airport transfer service to all suburbs of Sydney. Easy Go allows you to travel alone or with a group (13 people max) in variety of shuttles including our luxury shuttles, all at an affordable price. Their services are private, so you don’t need to worry about riding with people you do not know. They also provide assistance with luggage, they aim at providing a smooth and relaxing airport transfer to the airport or your accommodation. Their mission is to provide you with a safe, dependable and environmentally responsible transportation service. They are family friendly, they provide car seats for your children. They have the Evenflo Tribute convertible car seat for the young ones and booster seats for those not quite old enough to ride alone. The booking process is incredibly easy! There are four steps in total and they do not take that long to complete. The steps are as follows:

  • Booking your travel – Book through their online booking forms.
  • Wait for the confirmation – You will be contacted with your booking details within an hour of your booking. The confirmation can either come as an email format or as a phone call. You will also get a call the night before your travel to confirm you are still traveling with Plan B.
  • Getting Picked Up – On the day, you will be picked up by your designated transport officer at the location which was arranged.
  • Ride Happy – Sit back and relax as you are transported to your destination. No need to worry about traffic as their drivers have access to the bus lanes.


Charter Bus Sydney – VIP Shuttle

Good Morning Airport Shuttle – Sydney Airport Pickup | Charter Bus Services

Good Morning Airport Shuttle is a charter bus and shuttle service available in a large area of Sydney. Good Morning Airport Shuttle provides services such as airport pick-up, wedding charters, charter buses to events and limousine hire.

Good Morning Airport Shuttle are accredited. They are licensed by the Ministry of Transport (NSW Government) and are allowed to provide airport transport. Their proof of accreditation can be supplied on request.


Airport Pick Up Sydney

Their airport pick-up services cover both Domestic and International Airports, they offer pick-up and drop off services to most locations in Sydney such as:

  • The Airport
  • Sydney CBD
  • North Shore Suburbs
  • Inner West Suburbs
  • And More!

Safety is one of their main priorities when offering a transportation service. Your safety means a lot to them, they ensure that there are seatbelts for all seats in your hired vehicle. They also provide seats for minors upon request, however you need to tell them beforehand that you require a seat for your child/children.

They also arrange meeting points for your convenience. For the international terminals, you will be greeted by your driver at the front of McDonalds. This is convenient if you are looking for something to eat or drink before you leave the airport. For the domestic terminal, the pickup point is at the baggage carousel.



Wedding Charters

Weddings can often be very stressful as you are required to plan multiple things, why not reduce the stress a little by letting Good Morning Airport Shuttle transfer your guests to and from the wedding venue. Their shuttles can accommodate large group of guests which is ideal for those who are looking for a fast, safe and reliable method of transport.

Their wedding charters can accommodate all your guests, whether there are a few to a large group. They aim to fulfil your specific needs and requirements to reduce stress from your special day. The wedding charters reduces the amount of hassles regarding the meeting point, parking spaces and petrol costs.

Charter Buses Sydney

As well as the wedding charters, GMAS also provide charter buses for your events. They provide charter bus services for the following:

  • Corporate Events
  • Conference & Events shuttles
  • Cruise Ship Connections
  • Group Theatre & Concert bookings
  • Office Christmas Parties
  • Sporting Events
  • Group Shopping Excursions

If your event or function is not listed, make sure you give them a call and see if they provide your service. They provide a large amount of services but they are not listed on the website.


If you want to go to an event with style, why not hire a limousine instead of a charter bus. The limousines are great for wedding transportation as well as impressing your important business clients, the limousine services can definitely satisfy your needs and requirements.

They offer three types of limousines; Holden, Tarago and Mercedes.

The limousine services cover:

  • Airport Transfers (To and from the airport)
  • Corporate Events & Functions
  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Graduation Ceremonies/Formals
  • Sporting Events
  • Tours (Local, Wine, etc.)
  • Any Special Events

If your event or function is not listed, make sure you give them a call and see if they provide your service. They provide a large amount of services but they are not listed on the website.

If you are unsure about GMAS, make sure you head over to their website or contact them directly. There is also a Terms & Conditions page which may answer your question/queries.

You can contact them via:

Phone: 0425 389 098
International Phone: +61 425 389 098
TrueLocal: TrueLocal