Fatigue, weight loss and stress affect the lives of many people. We often try to treat these with energy drinks, coffee fixes or sugary food. Of course the dubious benefits of these stimulants are short lived, and we often find we have an energy crash afterwards. Those who suspect that the fatigue is actually caused by the stimulants look to be right. It’s a mild addiction, with our energy levels being compromised by the stimulants we use to (temporarily) boost them.



The high sugar and increased caffeine intake we presently see is something not experienced many generations ago. It is a modern diet trend. Older generations, in some cases going back thousands of years, ate a more natural diet, at least when they had the opportunity to. They also know about adaptogens, substances that kept our physiology in good working order.


Adaptogens work to keep us functioning well, which basically means keeping in balance. Instead of providing short term energy an adaptogen will provide a sustained and steady energy reserve, and also allow the body to deal with changing situations. You can concentrate when you need to, and exert yourself should you have to. Adapogens allow the body to respond in an appropriate manner.


The Best adaptogens:


Some combinations also make effective adaptogens. Green tea has a combination of caffeine (in a low dose) and theanine, which allows green tea drinkers to have a relaxed focus rather than a jittery caffeine high.

Many substances like Korean Red Ginseng are best taken early in the day. They can cause insomnia it taken in the evening.


North Korea Tours and Japan Tours


North Korea Tours

You cannot travel to North Korea without being part of a guided tour, that’s the law of the land. You literally cannot leave the group, you feel like you live on the tour bus. Two guides will show you everything that you are supposed to see, and not let you see anything that interferes with the image that they want to present to the world.  It is a very different form of travel.


Pyongyang, the capital, could almost pass for a pleasant city in another part of the world; this is misleading. It has the skyscrapers, hotels, factories and housing seen in so many places. It seems open and well-spaced. But of course this is part of what the West is expected to see. Apart from propaganda posters and statures of the president it almost looks normal. We are not meant to be aware that most of the population does not live here, and the shop fronts appear to be all closed.


Outside the capital the run-down buildings are frequent, as are buildings under construction. As this is not dwelt on by the tour group, and as asking questions doesn’t seem like a good idea, the extent of the poverty here is hard to ascertain.


What stands in contrast to this is the countryside, which looks green and impressive. This is both farmland and natural landscape. You would think that this land has the food and supplies to look the whole country. Apparently, North Korea admits to limits in its farming practice here. Not sure what to make of this situation.


The North Korea tours are very different to the Japan tours. In Japan one is aware of the foreign culture, and wary of offending the customs of those locals who are actually very likable. There is freedom of movement, but the knowledge that you are expected to already know how to act. North Korea tours, by contrast, keep you on the local straight and narrow. The rules are spelt out, and you are kept from breaking them. Then again, as much is hidden it is hard to be sure about too much in North Korea.


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Tour Ideas


Sights to see in North Korea.

Tours are conducted in groups of eight to eighteen people, though a dozen is the most common.

The Arch Of triumph – on Moran Hill in Pyongyang, North Korean capital. Built to commemorate the return of President Kim II Sung in 1982. It is modelled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, but at 60 metres it is actually larger. It has 25 500 blocks of white granite, corresponding to the number of days in a life of 70 years, the president’s age at the time.

Grand Monument on Mansu Hill – a series of monuments in Pyongyang. There are two statues, 22 meters tall, of Kim II-Sung and Kim Jong-il, and monuments to the socialist revolution and other important historical event of the 20th century. A museum dedicated to the revolution also adjoins the area. Visitors are expected to pay their respects to the statues. A water park was recently added to the Mansu Hill area.

The Demilitarized Zone – The most heavily guarded area in the world, this demilitarized Zone was created as a 4km wide strip of land separating the North and South parts of Korea. Front Line Tours here are conducted by a North Korean military officer.

Folk village of Sariwon – Shows much of the history of the Korean peninsula, both through relics, ruins, re-creations and maps. Local residents provide bars and gaming attraction that are open to tourists.

Mt. MYOHYANG – A 62 square mile national park with many unique and protected wildlife species. It is also the site of the International friendship exhibition, a museum dedicated to gift given to the leaders of North Korea. These gifts vary from a bullet proof car to items from popular culture. Local believe this shows the admiration afforded their countries leaders.

Mt. Paektu – Korea’s tallest mountain, which features the Heaven Lake in a crater at the top. Views of the crater are one of the better known images of Nort Korea. Located on the boarder to china the area has been the subject of some dispute.