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The material and colour of house’s roof affect the inside temperature. Some materials conduct or insulate heat, and some colours will absorb more heat than others. Darker colours, especially black, absorbs the most heat and raise the temperature inside the house. Repainting the roof in a different colour can lower the temperature inside the house, thereby reducing the summer electricity bill.


Research over the last generation has discovered that groups of suburban houses subjected to the Sun can create Heat islands. A Heat Island is basically an area that absorbs and retains more heat than an otherwise unoccupied area. The roofs of many houses absorb the Sun’s rays and keep the local outside temperature 1-3 Degrees warmer in the day, and up to 12 degrees warmer at night. This has a bad environmental effect, if only because of the raised air conditioning bills.

Appropriate Colours for House Painting Sydney

Australia is divided into 8 climate zones, with 69 subzone divisions. The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) advises on the most suitable materials and colours for roofing in each of these areas. Following these guidelines will reduce energy expenditure and electricity costs in private housing.


Installing solar panels on the roof of a house will mean the sun’s energy is put to good use. Electricity from solar panels can be used to cool (or heat, if necessary) the inside of a house, more than compensating for the heat of the Sun.


House Painting Services Sydney

For House Painters Sydney is a fairly stable situation. While there are seasonal fluctuations Sydney residents do not have to tolerate extreme conditions like snow or tropical storms. One roof material and colour does quite well for the entire year.

Talk to your painters about the right look for you house, and the best way to keep temperatures stable. The benefits are long lasting.


Choosing Flooring


Timber Flooring Perth

With all the options for flooring we are spoilt for choice. But it’s not all the aesthetic appeal of a certain wood and financial considerations. Rooms serve different functions, and we should plan for this.


The Room

Look the room and what it will be used for. Will it experience heavy footfall? Will it be subject to safety regulations? Will there be heating under the floorboards/ or perhaps other piping or electrical wiring.


The Overall Picture

Aesthetics look at how all the pieces of something fit together. Pieces that look attractive in isolation can clash when put together. Consider the wall colour, curtains, furnishing and everything else in the room. We need not design around the floor; we might design the rest of the room first install a floor that we know will match. Start looking at the parts of the room that are permanent, and then look at the aspects you want to keep or the objects you want to add.


Parquet flooring – structured mosaic like patterns.

Safety flooring – reduces slip problems.

Laminate – durable best of many types of wood, with no expansion problems.

Floating timber floors Perth – isolation from the subfloor. Great for sound isolation, and easy to replace.

Bamboo flooring Perth – An environmentally sound and lower cost options. Bamboo can be processed to look like many types of wood, and can be made to be quite durable.


Timber floors Perth

When choosing timber floors Perth has many fine options. Consider bamboo, engineered floors and solid timber.

Outdoor Metal

Even with the introduction of plastic and the continual use of traditional wood we still use a fair amount of metal outdoors. Metal railings, fences, backyard furniture and even the occasional sculpture are not unusual. Even with the harsh conditions outside the right metal can still be quite long lasting. It is useful to know the properties of the different materials.


Shaping Methods

Casting – Molten metal is poured into a mould, forming a (usually solid) piece.

Forging – Heated metal is hammered into shape. Rather like a traditional blacksmith.

Extrusion – Molten metal is forced though long pipes, and cools to form tubes.



Iron – Heavy and prone to rust over time. A good primer, paint or galvanizing treatment will prevent rusting, and look rather good. Cast iron tables and chairs make good outdoor furniture, with occasional repainting. Iron fences were once popular, but are replaced by wood or aluminium.

Aluminium – A light and useful metal, which is rust free under moderate conditions. It is less popular for furniture, unless you want something portable, but very popular for fences and barricades. Though it is not easily painted it can be powder coated, giving a fairly good range of colours.

Steel – This is mostly iron alloyed with some other metal and carbon. Combinations that include chromium are virtually rustproof.  These are fine materials, long lasting, but unless they are the rustproof variety they require regular painting.


Balustrade Sydney

Outdoor balustrade fences are often best made of stainless steel or powder coated steel, which is also rust resistant. Unless exposed to extreme salt or chlorine conditions these should be maintenance free.


Pool Fence Sydney

Pool fences are often made from aluminium. This is rust proof, though chlorine from pools will slowly compromise the rust resistant properties. Pool fences should be washed with warm, soapy water every few weeks.

Stoneware Cookware

People ask what the best option is for cookware. We like the convenience of non-stick, but know that non-stick Teflon may cause health issues. We like good heating qualities for out pot and pans, but sometimes fail to distinguish between a pan with evenly spread heating and a pan with fast heating. The advantages might depend on what we are cooking. And obviously we prefer something that is long lasting.


Ceramic cookware has its advantages. It doesn’t affect the flavour in any way or add any chemicals to what we eat. It is durable in the sense that it doesn’t scratch, and can be put in the microwave. But it will break if dropped on a hard surface.


Cast iron is the classis cooking medium. It is fairly non-stick if seasoned properly, and the only thing it adds to the food is a little iron, which is actually good for us. A cast iron pan is super durable, probably lasting decades; if anything it will destroy the item it has an accident with. A small disadvantage is that the iron heats evenly, but slowly.


Stoneware uses a combination of materials to get the best combination of features. The blue marble surface is non-stick and hard wearing. Unlike Teflon it will not smoke and release chemical if overheated. It also does not affect the flavour of the food in any way. The aluminium core heats quickly and evenly, which means you can easily control the heating you apply to the food.  It is dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning.


Cookware online Sydney

Order stoneware Cookware online and experience easy cooking. One larger pan can handle most cooking needs, but you may find yourself so impressed that you start ordering more to complete you cooking set.

Moving Furniture on Wooden Floors.

Moving in our out, or when buying a new wardrobe or bed, our wooden floors are prone to scratching from heavy objects. It is imperative to protect these floors when moving objects.


Steps to prevent scratching Timber Floor Sydney

  • Use doormats. You will be going in and out all day. Don’t track the garden in with you.
  • Find old sheets, rugs and other larger items that you intend to discard after the move. Line floors with these.
  • Furniture sliders solve just about all the moving problems. As you will roll the furniture rather than carry it you will have an easier time, and the floor will not by marked.
  • If the floor is already covered with material you may find you can use cardboard to slide furniture across the room.
  • Ramboard is a heavy duty floor protection material used during moving. It can be purchased at most hardware stores. Being reusable you only need enough to cover the largest room of the house and the path leading outside.
  • Unlike other times you cannot leave your shoes off when entering the house; you will need to wear shoes to protect your feet when moving heavy objects. We suggest buying some soft sole boots for the move.


Bamboo Flooring Sydney

Bamboo flooring is prone to scratching, though properly aged bamboo and correct processing reduces this issue. We suggest using all the above precautions when moving large household objects.

Solar Hydronic Heating








Considerations with Solar Hydronic Heating

  • You are buying more than just hardware. You are investing in a cheaper ongoing heating system, and helping to use less energy from the mains supply. This is environmentally sound
  • There are options, and there is cost cutting. If you buy a substandard solar system it will not last as long as a better quality one, and cost money to replace. A decent system should last 25 years.
  • If you use solar energy during the say you are saving during the peak electricity hours.
  • Look at the house roof to find the best place for panels. A North/Norwest position is best, but there are ways to get quite good results from other surfaces.
  • You can buy solar batteries for energy storage. 6kWhour batteries is now considered quite standard.
  • The best time to install a solar system, and a hydronic heating system, is when the house is being built; you won’t have to replace a former system. Installing a solar system as part of a renovation is good too.
  • It’s never too late to change to solar.

Serious Decal Gear

We tend to think of decals as decoration. Plenty of plastic model kits had decals to fill in the intricate details. But the vehicles that those plastic models represented had details that were often far from decorative. Military marking served a purpose, denoting the nationality was just one function of markings. Even the advertising on sports cars served a purpose beyond decoration. Plastic model decals were actually reproducing real world advertisements or military markings.


Mechanical and electrical hobbies often required labelling. Even something as basic as a radio needs numbers on a dial. Hobbyists could give their projects a professional look by using custom decals.


Guitar decals are popular for customizing instruments. This sees an overlap of style and function. Frets are marked for practical reasons. This is usually an inlay rather than a decal, but decals are used too. Controls are occasionally marked, but as these are few in number they are often left unmarked. Most other instrument decals are for decorative purposes.


Effects processors for guitars and other instruments use decals for labelling controls. As these controls are slightly more complex than the volume and tone knobs of the guitar this labelling is essential. The internet has many sites dedicated to DIY projects for guitars; they appear to be popular. Custom decals for these projects is quite useful.


Inkjet decal paper allows decals to be made at home, specifically designed for any project. Style and function can be combined with ease.