Why replace a Floor?

Why replace a Floor?


Out floors serve many functions. Apart from providing the surface upon which we stand and place our belongings they also connect to the environment aspects of the room (the temperature and humidity) and are a fundamental part of the décor. Older flooring can compromise any or all of these aspects of our homes.

Improve air quality

Modern timber very rarely causes health concerns, but older carpet or moisture problems beneath the floor can be an issue. Replacing the floor, and taking measures against moisture, mould and dust mites can make all the difference to a home.


Walking surface

A softer walking surface can make life easier on our feet, back and other joints. Floating floors are one option, with an underlay that provides some cushioning.


Visual Look

We spend a lot of time in our homes. Life is better is we live in a house that we find pleasing. An upgrade can last for decades.


Timber flooring Perth

Wooden floors remain a popular choice. They can look good when colour stained or carpeted. And the options can be changed over time.


Floor sanding Perth

Good solid timber can be restored to new condition with a floor sanding. The actual timber can last more than a lifetime. If the floor shows signs of wear it can be re-sanded at look like new. Else, home owners sometime what to re-stain the floor to a different colour after sanding. A floor should be re-sanded every 10-20 years, and still last a century.


Floating timber floors Perth

Floating floors are installed above existing floors. They consist of pre-cut timber slates that easily lock together, make for quick and relatively simple DIY projects. While they do last for many years it is possible (and quite easy) to replace the floating floor should they suffer damage, or if the home owners feel like a change or décor.


Bamboo flooring Perth

Bamboo is the newer flooring option that is similar to traditional timber. It has a similar durability to higher quality wood and similar stain and colour options.


Laminate flooring Perth

Laminate is a low expense option designed to imitate wood, or even stone or tiles. There are more design options with laminate than any medium. It is well suited to floating floors and DIY projects.


Choosing Flooring


Timber Flooring Perth

With all the options for flooring we are spoilt for choice. But it’s not all the aesthetic appeal of a certain wood and financial considerations. Rooms serve different functions, and we should plan for this.


The Room

Look the room and what it will be used for. Will it experience heavy footfall? Will it be subject to safety regulations? Will there be heating under the floorboards/ or perhaps other piping or electrical wiring.


The Overall Picture

Aesthetics look at how all the pieces of something fit together. Pieces that look attractive in isolation can clash when put together. Consider the wall colour, curtains, furnishing and everything else in the room. We need not design around the floor; we might design the rest of the room first install a floor that we know will match. Start looking at the parts of the room that are permanent, and then look at the aspects you want to keep or the objects you want to add.


Parquet flooring – structured mosaic like patterns.

Safety flooring – reduces slip problems.

Laminate – durable best of many types of wood, with no expansion problems.

Floating timber floors Perth – isolation from the subfloor. Great for sound isolation, and easy to replace.

Bamboo flooring Perth – An environmentally sound and lower cost options. Bamboo can be processed to look like many types of wood, and can be made to be quite durable.


Timber floors Perth

When choosing timber floors Perth has many fine options. Consider bamboo, engineered floors and solid timber.

Moving Furniture on Wooden Floors.

Moving in our out, or when buying a new wardrobe or bed, our wooden floors are prone to scratching from heavy objects. It is imperative to protect these floors when moving objects.


Steps to prevent scratching Timber Floor Sydney

  • Use doormats. You will be going in and out all day. Don’t track the garden in with you.
  • Find old sheets, rugs and other larger items that you intend to discard after the move. Line floors with these.
  • Furniture sliders solve just about all the moving problems. As you will roll the furniture rather than carry it you will have an easier time, and the floor will not by marked.
  • If the floor is already covered with material you may find you can use cardboard to slide furniture across the room.
  • Ramboard is a heavy duty floor protection material used during moving. It can be purchased at most hardware stores. Being reusable you only need enough to cover the largest room of the house and the path leading outside.
  • Unlike other times you cannot leave your shoes off when entering the house; you will need to wear shoes to protect your feet when moving heavy objects. We suggest buying some soft sole boots for the move.


Bamboo Flooring Sydney

Bamboo flooring is prone to scratching, though properly aged bamboo and correct processing reduces this issue. We suggest using all the above precautions when moving large household objects.

Home Improvement

I’ve been quite busy lately and I’ve been thinking whether I should cut down my blog posts from two a week to one a week, well I guess I am doing one a week now. However if I am somehow free more frequently, I’ll increase the amount of posts I release a week. For now, I’ll be posting once a week on Fridays (Australian Date).

Ever since I was young, I had always loved interior design. Till this day, I continue to love it. My tumblr is completely filled with images of interior designs as well as some exterior images here and there. It all started when I was younger, my dad would open the newspaper and head straight to the real estate section. We’d sit around just looking at houses and I think this is how my obsession started. I dream of one day buying a large square loft and just designing everything myself, no walls separating the rooms, only open space and furniture here and there.

Once again I’m listing all these elements in alphabetical order, that’s basically how I order everything in my life. First letter in the alphabet is F, so we will start with fencing.


I know this post is about interior design but this fencing refers to Balustrades within the house. Balustrades are basically the railing which stops you from falling off a flight of stairs and from falling off another level. V.O Homes Construction is one brand which provides Balustrade services in Sydney. VOHC provides four different balustrade types (glass balustrade, ramps, stainless steel balustrade and steel balustrade) but use three main materials, glass, stainless steel and steel. The stainless steel and steel materials are perfect for more industrial type settings but they can also be used in building/office environments. Not so much the home environment though, however the glass could be used for home purposes.

They also provide pool fencing services which utilise glass and various types of steel. Their fencing services come in three different forms, frameless glass, semi frameless and tubular. Frameless glass and Semi frameless glass are a great way of fencing off your pool without affecting your vision. If glass isn’t for you, you could always go for the tubular ones, the tubular ones can also be used as a garden fence to divide your property from the public.

I quite like their glass services as they provide a sleek and clean look to your house and backyard, the only downfall is that I’m quite clumsy and I’d most likely run into it thinking there was nothing there.


Every house needs some furniture in it or else it’d be empty with only walls and floors. Without furniture you would be eating, sleeping and studying on the ground which can be quite uncomfortable and bad for your health. Why not get some stylish furniture for your house, they not only make your interior look great but give you places to sit and sleep which is quite great in my opinion. I’ve found that many of the best pieces of furniture can be quite expensive so why not get some replica furniture. Replica furniture are like the real thing except they’re cheaper and are often available in different colours and materials. If you wanted a specific piece of furniture but it was too expensive or it wasn’t in a colour you like, why not purchase some replica furniture.

Many people are far too busy to go furniture shopping so why not buy your furniture online, a website which offers this service is called Place Furniture. I’ve browsed through some of their products and they are quite stylish, many of the chairs are stackable and come in a variety of colours. I like the egg type chair which can be stacked when not in use, they create an artistic / stylish tower which you can decorate your house with. When you have guests over, you can simply take it down and use them as seats.

Many of the furniture on this website can also be used commercially, not only residentially. Maybe you have a restaurant or cafe which requires some chairs and tables, then this website is perfect for you. They provide various sets of chairs and tables. But in my opinion, I find that shops with mixed furniture are the best ones, maybe you could buy multiple sets of furniture and mix it up.


By frames, I refer to window frames but I wanted to make the categories one word so I thought frames was more suitable than windows. Windows are quite important for a household, I’ve seen many living areas which have windows with absolutely no frames so their house is completely exposed to the world. Since I do some silly stuff at times, I think that it’s a great idea to get some frames for my windows. Sydney Blinds, provides different solutions when it comes to window and door frames. Their services include blinds, awnings, plantation shutters, security doors as well as fly screens.

One solution is with their Plantation Shutters, plantation shutters are an effective way of allowing sunlight in or out of your house. Nowadays, modern plantation shutters use polymer materials and therefore offer high resistance to condensation and UV rays. The advantage of polymer plantation shutters over your standard wooden ones are that they will last for decades without fading or deterioration. The great thing with plantation shutters is that they can be hinged, bi-folded or made to slide, so you are not stuck with one design.

Another service they provide are fly screens, fly screens are not necessarily the best looking but they do their job. However Sydney Blinds have fly screens which have the ability to be removed easily so you don’t always have to have them on your windows and doors at all times. Their fly screens can come in the form of window coverings, sliding doors as well as hinged doors. Their fly screens are also magnetic so you can put these fly screens on any magnetic materials, frames or doors.

Overall, Sydney Blinds are great if you are looking for a functional home, their fly screens are something to consider when you have some windows or doors in your house. The fact that they can be easily removed are a good enough reason to consider them when designing your home.


Flooring is quite important too! How can you stand in your house if you have no floor in it in the first place! First off you need a sleek looking floor which you can stand on. What material do you want? If you are wanting a wooden style then try Hana Timber, they specialise in timber, laminate, floating timber and bamboo flooring in Sydney.

I was previously browsing their website and I found this product:

That is the “New England Blackbutt”, this hardwood provides you home with a light environment. The colour of the wood gives off a simplistic vibe for your home environment. I really like this timber floor as it not only looks clean and light.

Just because I said I like it, doesn’t mean that it’s right for you. Have a look on their website and see what you like there is a variety of materials to choose from, they range from hardwoods to bamboo.

Let’s say you already have your floors but they are not in a very clean and healthy condition, why not polish them and have them looking like new. SK Floor Sanding can polish and sand your floors for you so they look as if they were just installed into your house. Their floor sanding and polishing are perfect for those who are looking for a newer looking timber floor.

That image above is a before an after their sanding and polishing services, in the after picture the floor looks so shiny you just want to iceskate on it. Well not iceskate but slide on it with socks on.


Depending on how you want your walls to look, you can either paint them with a solid colour or add a wallpaper to them. I myself do like both options but I’m quite sure I’d get my walls painted in the future. The reason for this is that the painting provides one solid colour whereas the wallpaper gives you a specific pattern or look. It’s not bad or anything but I am a minimalistic type of person, in my perspective, less is more.

When looking for a painter you want to look for someone experienced in their field and can ensure you that the end job will be flawless. My recommendation is Tiger Painting. Tiger Painting provides residential, commercial and industrial painting services but specialise in house painting in Sydney.

Depending on the size of your house or living environment, house painting can often be a big and tiring job, so why not let Tiger Painting take care of this for you. Their house painting services are exceptional. Their specialised painting teams are experienced in all sorts of interior and exterior residential painting. So if you require house painting or any painting in that matter, make sure you check out their website for more information.

Luna Deco, this website is one of my favourite websites that I’ve laid my eyes on. The wallpaper products on the website are just so beautiful and nice to look at, they have many different designs available for purchase. They however are located in Perth so for those that are living within Sydney, sorry but you won’t be able to view their products in person unless you are willing to fly to Perth.

Their wallpapers feature many different cities and different natural looks. They also have a couple of famous celebrities as well, even though I previously said that I wouldn’t get a wallpaper I might consider it if they have a Lana Del Rey one. I’m absolutely mental for her and the funny thing is I got my new phone just for a Lana Del Rey case. It’s pretty silly but 🙂

But overall, their products are quite stylish for those who want to get a modern looking living area of workspace.

This is all for now, I still need to go over furniture and things like that but this will do. I think these are somewhat important for a home. Since I think like this, I’ll probably end up with nothing but four walls and one floor.

It must be noted that I am not expert in home improvement, I just have a liking for it and these are my thoughts.

Thanks once again for reading. ^_^