Choosing Flooring


Timber Flooring Perth

With all the options for flooring we are spoilt for choice. But it’s not all the aesthetic appeal of a certain wood and financial considerations. Rooms serve different functions, and we should plan for this.


The Room

Look the room and what it will be used for. Will it experience heavy footfall? Will it be subject to safety regulations? Will there be heating under the floorboards/ or perhaps other piping or electrical wiring.


The Overall Picture

Aesthetics look at how all the pieces of something fit together. Pieces that look attractive in isolation can clash when put together. Consider the wall colour, curtains, furnishing and everything else in the room. We need not design around the floor; we might design the rest of the room first install a floor that we know will match. Start looking at the parts of the room that are permanent, and then look at the aspects you want to keep or the objects you want to add.


Parquet flooring – structured mosaic like patterns.

Safety flooring – reduces slip problems.

Laminate – durable best of many types of wood, with no expansion problems.

Floating timber floors Perth – isolation from the subfloor. Great for sound isolation, and easy to replace.

Bamboo flooring Perth – An environmentally sound and lower cost options. Bamboo can be processed to look like many types of wood, and can be made to be quite durable.


Timber floors Perth

When choosing timber floors Perth has many fine options. Consider bamboo, engineered floors and solid timber.



Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums. It is a milder form of gum disease that can lead to far more serious gum problems such as periodontal disease. Gingivitis can be reversed with stringent oral hygiene and perhaps some further treatment by a dentist. Left untreated gingivitis can lead to periodontal disease, with subsequent loss of teeth and bone. Long term Gingivitis and periodontal disease has also been linked to circulation problems and increased risk of strokes.


Signs of Gingivitis:



Gingivitis issues stem from plaque build-up. Regular brushing and flossing prevents almost all gingivitis issues and subsequent problems. Powered toothbrushes seems to be more effective here than manual brushing.  Additional use of mouthwashes can also be quite beneficial. Occasionally hydrogen peroxide is used, or mouthwashes with anti-inflammatory agents and essential minerals.


Gum problems such as gingivitis should be easy to prevent or treat. See your dentist at the first sign of tender gums. Prevention today means avoiding more serious problems tomorrow.

Dental Focus can provide appropriate treatment for gum problems at:


Intuition is the subject of much speculation and disagreement, though discussions of its nature tend to be good natured. There is no consensus whether the matter is spiritual, spiritual with the aid of deities, an inborn biological process, or an unconscious process we have acquired through experience. There is not even any condenses on how much we should trust it.


Eastern traditions tend to equate intuition with religion. Views vary with the different school of thought, but an intuitive mind was thought to see beyond mere appearances, and into something behind the scenes. If so, it should apply well to new situations. A new situation is not an unknown situation if we have insight.


Some western traditions see intuition as an unconscious, systematic form of thinking. Our minds have put patterns together from isolated facts and past experiences, and can approach new situations as extensions of these patterns and systems. Entirely foreign situations may seem strange to us because they do not adhere to any previously known pattern. But many other situations that are superficially new will feel comfortable as long as their underlying operation is similar to others things form our past. This view means intuition does depend on at least some past experience.


Greek philosopher Plato thought intuition was knowledge that we have forgotten, rather like repressed memories. We can encounter a situation and find that some of the lost memory returns, and the situation seems familiar. We know at least some things before we have experience and before we consciously try to work them out. Philosopher Descartes had similar views, but believed the knowledge within us has to be uncovered with rational reasoning. The pre-existence of knowledge within us implies either a spiritual origin of information gains through hereditary.


More modern psychology sees intuition as an ability to see the connection between facts. The situation we encounter may be new, but it has some form of systematic organization. If we can grasp this organization, how the pieces fit together, we have an intuitive understanding of what we are dealing with.

457 and Later Permanent Residency

Advice from Immigration Lawyers Sydney

The 457 VISA is for temporary residence in Australia. It is often a means to later gain permanent residency, usually after two years, though this is certainly not automatic.  Individuals intending to later acquire permanent residency can help their chances by filing as much of the required criteria as possible. Those filling the criteria can often be eligible for the permanent residency through the ENS Temporary Residence Transition Stream.

You must work at least two years in the job you were initially sponsored for.

You must have the 457 VISA throughout the duration of the employment.

Your work must be full time, in this case counted as 35 hours per week.

Unpaid leave is not included in two years; there must be two years of employment.

You cannot change employer.

Any company reorganization, any change of position within the company, may affect eligibility.

You require an IELTS ranking of at least 5. The test must have been conducted with the last 3 years.

Employers need to provide confirmation of position employment conditions.

Employers need to show they meet yearly training obligations with their staff.

Migration Agent Sydney

Talk to your migration lawyer in advance to see if there are any other ways to improve your chances of gaining permanent residency. There are methods to gain permanent residency through General Skilled Migration or ENS Direct Entry. There are also partner VISAs to consider.


  • A really great set of headphones. Professionals have many, including active noise cancelling for travel, isolation for recording, HiFi listening …etc. the rest of us just get a pair that sound great.
  • Sunglasses that suit you and provide excellent UV protection.
  • A well-made suit. Either spend some time finding the perfect fitting suit or have one made or altered. It should have the right colour and cut to suit your complexion and build, and it should just feel right when you wear it.
  • A watch that really seems right for you. In this day of smartphones the watch doesn’t have to do too much, but you can wear one because you like it.
  • A really good kitchen knife. One knife can do a lot of things, and you will be using it for decades.
  • A really good frypan, one that will last for decades. You will be cooking and eating for decades. Cast iron skillets are popular right now.
  • One or two really good ties. Only worn occasionally, but worth it.
  • A pocketknife that you want to show off.
  • A personal recipe or two that can be made quickly and easily. You can impress friends and get a great reputation as a cook with very little effort.
  • A method or machine that makes coffee/tea or your beverage of choice in the way you like. Even if it’s just an old earthenware pot, it’s your beverage making method.
  • The bathrobe that always felt right.
  • Bed sheets for summer and winter; cotton and flannelette. You will appreciate them after a busy day.
  • A pair of broken in boots that you can always feel comfortable in.
  • A laptop set up is such a way that you actually like working on it.
  • A really high end collector’s edition of your favourite book or DVD.



  • Put a pencil or pen between your teeth to help relax; this is so effective that it can cure headaches. It also tends to make you smile, if not make other smile as you look a little silly.
  • Body language is linked to mood. It is hard to stand on one leg and wave your arms in the air and still fell completely depressed. Perhaps best done in private or in the anonymity of a dance party. If this is too much, you can still feel good standing with good posture.
  • Wear yellow tinted glasses, especially in winter. The world looks like a glossy postcard.
  • Cut right back on stimulants like caffeine and use endurance substances like Ginseng (maybe as tea). Endurance is better than short term boosts and crashes.
  • Compliment others. You don’t need a reason, just sincerity. Use a text if you wish. This takes the focus off you and puts it on someone else.
  • Help others, this also lets you see beyond yourself.
  • Reread the books you read in primary school, especially anything that stands out in your memory
  • Experiences are better than possessions, especially when shared with friends. Anticipation of an event is good, so is fulfilment.
  • Owning a musical instrument is one thing; jamming with friends or performing is better.
  • Watch the Sunrise each morning. Feels like life is just beginning. Great for circadian rhythms, so you sleep better that night. This takes several days to work.
  • Get up early and watch cartoons. Feel like children with life all ahead of them
  • Read humour, watch comedy that really makes you laugh. This even helps you immune system.
  • Chewing gum calms nerves. Be wary of sugar or artificial sweeteners though.
  • If you are meeting new people, or going to an interview, anticipate this as meeting old friends. If you act this way you will be more sociable and likable.
  • Anxiety is not too far from courage. Throw yourself into the situation, but always keep your wits about you.
  • Put on the best clothes you have, just so it feels like a special occasion.
  • Eat a clementine. This seems to boost mood.
  • Light a vanilla scented candle, which also seem to brighten mood. Remember safety.
  • Cuddle a pet
  • Abstain from some favourite food and reintroduce it a week later.
  • Not really a hack, but eat healthy food and do exercise to stay healthy. Have an allergy test and see if that is holding you back.
  • Be social with people you really connect with. Enjoy silence and meditate/pray at least once per day.


What is productivity exactly? It is tempting to say that it is hard to define, but I know it when is see it. But even that is misleading. We may see something as being productive, only to realise latter that it achieved very little. We would do well to have a good definition, a good yardstick, to measure our businesses by; yet we must be careful, as a false definition could completely mislead us.

Definitions are meant to make matter easier to understand. But it is a trap to assume that an easy to understand definition is always an accurate one. It is easy to compare dollars spent per hour, and think fewer dollars is better; but this is not productivity. It is just as easy, but far more accurate, to compare dollars spent versus products and services produced. If productivity has a formula it is how much output there is for over the input.

Sometime the lines between definitions get blurred. We could push the labourers to achieve more with the time they have, and if they do achieve more there is increased productivity. This fits both the ‘dollars per hour’ understanding of productivity; it also fits the ‘dollars compared to how much is produced’ concept or productivity, provided there is an improvement. But the ‘dollars per hour’ tends to look at how hard people work, and give this as increases productivity even if there is the same end result. The ‘dollars compared to productivity’ is a better indication of the situation; this simply say; we made a change, and produced more – that is productivity.

But it is misleading to think that working harder is the key, and misleading to think that this will always yield an improvement. As IBM have said: work smarter, not harder! If you can find a better way to organize a company or system, if you find a better technology, then you may achieve more with the same resource and time spent. That increases productivity, just supplying more product or services.