Flight Advice

A few flight attendants, pilots, shuttle drivers and those who fly frequently offer some experience based advice.

  • Don’t take shoes, off, or at least walk around the plane without them. You don’t know what other travellers have been walking through.
  • Planes are periodically cleaned, but the other passengers (and yourself) could be bringing anything into the plane. Treat all surfaces as unclean.
  • The special meals, kosher, gluten free …etc. Are almost always prepared just before the flight. And they are often the first served, if you find being first an advantage.
  • Food tastes different on a plane because of the low pressure, noise and the fact that the meal must be pre-prepared. Some airlines compensate by including more salt. Avoid eating too much of the airline food.
  • Know the emergency procedure. We never know how we will react in a crisis, or how others react. It helps if we can follow a procedure in a reflex manner.
  • The water on the planes is of dubious quality; this includes the tea and coffee. Bring an empty bottle and fill it up at the airport before leaving. Do drink water, because the flight will dehydrate you, but make sure it is clean.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks – the low air pressure and the bubbly drink will make you feel bloated.
  • Caffeine and alcohol will dehydrate you, more so in the dry plane conditions.
  • You are exposed to UV light through the cabin window, much like a sunny day. Wear sunscreen or draw the shades.
  • Do some leg exercises to help you circulation. The socks that prevent deep vein thrombosis are good if you travel frequently.
  • There are dress codes, but they are rarely enforces. As long as you are neat and tidy, and not showing flesh, there is very rarely an issue. The exception is if you are on an employee pass, where you are representing the company and are expected to look the part.
  • Find a way to adapt to your destination’s time zone ahead of time.
  • An old trick, but chewing gum or a throat lozenge makes it easier for your ears to re-pressurize during accent and decent.
  • Many airlines are looking at changing all flight entertainment so they it relies on Wi-Fi. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi device you will have little to do.
  • An airport shuttle solves almost all baggage and transport issues. Pre-book an airport shuttle and avoid the hassle and logistic planning at the beginning and end of you trip.

Choosing Flooring


Timber Flooring Perth

With all the options for flooring we are spoilt for choice. But it’s not all the aesthetic appeal of a certain wood and financial considerations. Rooms serve different functions, and we should plan for this.


The Room

Look the room and what it will be used for. Will it experience heavy footfall? Will it be subject to safety regulations? Will there be heating under the floorboards/ or perhaps other piping or electrical wiring.


The Overall Picture

Aesthetics look at how all the pieces of something fit together. Pieces that look attractive in isolation can clash when put together. Consider the wall colour, curtains, furnishing and everything else in the room. We need not design around the floor; we might design the rest of the room first install a floor that we know will match. Start looking at the parts of the room that are permanent, and then look at the aspects you want to keep or the objects you want to add.


Parquet flooring – structured mosaic like patterns.

Safety flooring – reduces slip problems.

Laminate – durable best of many types of wood, with no expansion problems.

Floating timber floors Perth – isolation from the subfloor. Great for sound isolation, and easy to replace.

Bamboo flooring Perth – An environmentally sound and lower cost options. Bamboo can be processed to look like many types of wood, and can be made to be quite durable.


Timber floors Perth

When choosing timber floors Perth has many fine options. Consider bamboo, engineered floors and solid timber.

Foreign Reasons

The escape room phenomena has appeared in many countries. It is not difficult to see the precursors to this trend. Escape videos games have been around for more than a generation. And films like the Saw series have a similar premise. Even the James bond book Dr No from the late 1950s has a finale similar to an escape game. But watching the development of the trend does not explain its appeal. Why are escape rooms, and their literary precursors, appealing to us?


A few Chinese journalistic articles have tried to answer this question. They claim modern professional are worked hard in today’s society, keep busy on a strict schedule; this is something that they literally want to escape. Being confined to a small room, even handcuffed, normally shouldn’t   seem like something we should find appealing. But we must remember that it is the escape we are looking forward to. Perhaps we already feel a little confined in our own life, and we want to feel we can escape it, at least symbolically.


Perhaps this should come as no surprise. The term ‘escapism’ has been applied to many form of entertainment for decades. Escape rooms manage to express this more literally, while also being a creative and intellectual exercise.


This is the view of those observing the gamers. But when we participate in the game we experience something different – mostly the dopamine and intense emotion of the situation. Which is not to say we don’t also have the afore mentioned desire to escape our routine lives. Just that we experience a few mild extremes when we do it.


Perhaps it’s what the Australian’s called the ‘claytons’ thing. We can go through the experience in an escape room without actually living experience. There is no risk, only the emotions involved.


Escape room game Sydney

Our motives may differ, which is good lest we all be the same, but try the escape room Sydney siders have found so attractive. Break out of a mindset or bad habit, if not the puzzle before you.

457 and Later Permanent Residency

Advice from Immigration Lawyers Sydney

The 457 VISA is for temporary residence in Australia. It is often a means to later gain permanent residency, usually after two years, though this is certainly not automatic.  Individuals intending to later acquire permanent residency can help their chances by filing as much of the required criteria as possible. Those filling the criteria can often be eligible for the permanent residency through the ENS Temporary Residence Transition Stream.

You must work at least two years in the job you were initially sponsored for.

You must have the 457 VISA throughout the duration of the employment.

Your work must be full time, in this case counted as 35 hours per week.

Unpaid leave is not included in two years; there must be two years of employment.

You cannot change employer.

Any company reorganization, any change of position within the company, may affect eligibility.

You require an IELTS ranking of at least 5. The test must have been conducted with the last 3 years.

Employers need to provide confirmation of position employment conditions.

Employers need to show they meet yearly training obligations with their staff.

Migration Agent Sydney

Talk to your migration lawyer in advance to see if there are any other ways to improve your chances of gaining permanent residency. There are methods to gain permanent residency through General Skilled Migration or ENS Direct Entry. There are also partner VISAs to consider.

Tyre Development

The invention of the wheel was obviously so long ago that nobody can trace it. The rubber tyre, by contrast, can be traced back to two historical events. In 1888 John Boyd Dunlop made an inflatable rubber tyre for a child’s tricycle, found that it was effective and pursued an interest in using rubber tyres for bicycles and light transport. He had trouble later when his patent on the idea was declared invalid; an earlier inventor named Robert William Thomson had had a similar idea in 1846, had produced a leather and rubber tyre and successfully used it with a horse drawn carriage. Unfortunalty, the idea had been held back by the lack of suitably thin rubber.

Vulcanization of rubber, which was discovered in the 1840s only just before Thomson’s tyre, proved invaluable for tyres. Prior to this all rubber was sticky and easily deformed. Vulcanized rubber, which has had sulphur or other substances added during a heating process, contains multiple cross-links in its chemical structure. It can be moulded into various shapes, and though it is flexible it will return to its moulded when stress is removed. The tyres used for heavy vehicles, which require considerable durability and load bearing qualities, required vulcanized rubber; without this process tyres would have been limited to bicycles and light vehicles.

By the 1920’s synthetic rubber had been invented, and within a few years the rising price of natural rubber made synthetic alternatives an increasingly viable alternative. Synthetic rubber had an additional advantage is how it could be custom made to suit various applications; natural rubber could be modified, but only to a limited degree.

The idea for radial tires, where the supporting plies in the tyre are arranged across the tyre at an angle 90degrees from the angle of travel, was patented in 1915, but it was not till the mid-1940s that practical manufacture proved feasible. Nonetheless, the superiority of these tyres was recognized, their only slight disadvantage being the change they gave to the suspension and handling of a car. Modifying the car’s suspension reduced this effect while still retaining the tyre’s superior performance. Radial tyres gave less internal friction, reducing wear and allowing improved fuel economy.

Improved car and tyre performance goes hand in hand with improved brake performance. ICER Oceania produce brake pads for all makes of cars including European and other foreign makes.

Essay writing principles

Essay writing has been a part of education for countless generations. Like language in general it applies to so many parts of our life that it is hard to imagine any area not touched by it. Yet for all its history and tradition of use there are some aspects of essay writing that change over time, just as there are some foundational principles that never seem to age.

Clarity might seem an obvious goal these days, but it was not always so. Flamboyant writing was once the fashion, a tradition that continues with many of today’s sensationalized tabloids. It doesn’t take much to realize that this tends to cover up a lack of information and insight; sensationalism tends to be half-truths with minimal structure. Once we might have seen this as style over substance, but these days even the style isn’t very well regarded. For one thing the flamboyant style says the same regardless of the content. By contrast, good writing uses its style to carry the content more effectively. If it seems a little straightforward at times it’s because the writer is actually matching things up effectively. We don’t appreciate neatness until we see the contrasting entropy. We don’t notice the editing in a film till the scenes seem disjointed. Likewise, good writing only seems easy. We don’t see the effort or skill behind it.

The method of introducing a topic, discussing it in the body of an essay, and then providing a conclusion largely goes unquestioned except by a few linguists and philosophers. It’s because it was never an arbitrary convention, but a structure that reflects how humans think. Our lives are not as neat and structured as a book or film, but our recollections, autobiographies and histories of those same lives are structured in a way that makes sense to us. There might be some inaccuracy in the brevity of it all- the history of the hundred year war cannot take a hundred years to read – but without structure we are left at least a little confused. There is as much stripping away of the less essential as there is in ascertaining the relevant information when it comes to producing a good film, diary entry or essay. The right facts are in the appropriate structure.

Writing has a principle that carries over to other areas, one that falls between art and craft. Websites are made to be simple, easy and effective for people who visit them, not necessarily for the people who create them. Films are designed for direct intelligibility for the viewer, not for the writers and editors who structure them into such easy to understand forms. Likewise, essays are written for the reader, and are meant to be straightforward for the reader. It takes a lot for a writer to get a huge tangle of information into such a succinct final form.

North Shore Debating and Speaking Academy
Today’s blog post was supplied by North Shore Debating and Public Speaking Academy. North Shore Debating is specialized in the developing of verbal communication and provides debating lessons, tutoring classes, Drama school, Essay Writing, Public Speaking at Chatswood, Sydney.

Bond Cleaning Brisbane

The end-of-lease cleaning need to be thorough, everybody understands that. Some aspects of this are difficult, but mostly the problem is with how extensive and time consuming the work is, being concerned with a multitude of little details. Combined with the inevitable stresses of moving house we can understand why a something like JKP, the service for professional bond cleaning in Brisbane, is often used.

But beyond cleaning there is always the possibility of house damage, especially if young children are involved. Sometime these a blatant eyesores, but most often they go unnoticed till the furniture is rearranged and nobody can remember (or admit) to who was originally responsible. On more than one occasion removing the resident’s furniture causes some damage; this is the last thing you want to deal with as you are moving out.

Our JKP Bond Cleaning Service, Brisbane includes these types of repair. There is hardly a house that doesn’t have a stained carpet somewhere; and chipped paint and plaster, though it hardly affects one’s quality of life it is cause for a landlord or agent to complain. Individuals who try to rectify these problems themselves often find it is more trouble than it is worth. Buying paster to fix a crack is not cost effective unless there is a lot a damage to repair; and there’s still the issue of sanding and matching paint colour. As a business that deals with this on a regular basis we can provide highly effective repairs as part of our Bond Cleaning Brisbane service.

Bulk buying power also extends to our general cleaning. Many industrial quality vacuums and carpet shampoo machines are out of reach of the general public, who cannot justify their purchase when only given occasional use. The same applies to cleaning products, which have a limited shelf life and would not be used by a single household in the time available. The nature of our business allows us to utilize our resources and products to the benefit of the consumer. We can give any house the thorough clean it occasionally needs to exceed inspection standards, without excessive inconvenience or cost.