Generation Changes in Air Travel

Air travel changes with technology, social situations and politics. Since a generation ago there have been many changes.

Jet Lag

The world is still the same size, but technology has compensated to changing time zones in a few ways. Just having a better flight condition, so we don’t get dehydrated, so we might get some sleep, makes all the difference when we arrive. Carbon fibre components in aircraft help this situation considerably.


In the 1980s it cost the average person three weeks wages to fly to the USE or UK. Now it is about one week’s wage.

Booking Online

It is much more convenient to book with the internet than it ever was to use a travel agent or book over the phone. This reduces the cost as we are not paying for an individual to serve us. Sydney airport transfers are easily made on the internet.

Book an airport shuttle Sydney wide on the net, and save time and money.

Much more strict that a generation ago. Who would have thought there would ever be a restriction on bringing liquids on board?

At the same time the security checks are actually quicker than before. And baggage weight allowances have increased.


In the 1990s everybody in the plane watch the same film(s). Now it is common for each seat to have its own screen and a wide choice of films. It is also becoming increasingly common to use Wi-Fi on a plane.

Politics of the Destination

US President Trump has tried to set limitations on travel from some countries. This was hardly an issue in the 1990s. Though most of these proposed restrictions have not been upheld.

Dress Regulations

Long ago people dressed up when they took a plane trip. After plane travel became commonplace they started to dress for comfort, and in anticipation for the weather at their destination. We have tended to become neatly casual when dressing for aircraft, and do not have high expectations of others.

In early 2017 a pair of teenagers were turned away from a flight because of inappropriate attire. Many people were surprised by this, and surprised that airlines still had dress regulations. What is underreported is that the two teenagers were flying on an employee pass, so were considered to be representatives of the airline; restrictions are more severe and more likely to be reinforced in these situations.

Most airlines do have dress codes, but they are fairly tolerant when it comes to reinforcing them. As long as passengers are reasonably attired there is nothing said.

Dress for you destination. 


There are more flight and airlines than ever before, yet accidents are becoming even less common.

Sydney Airport Shuttle Services

A Sydney Airport Shuttle is always a good way to start or return from a trip, no matter your attire or expectations. Let your vacation or business trip start the moment you leave your home.


Flight Advice

A few flight attendants, pilots, shuttle drivers and those who fly frequently offer some experience based advice.

  • Don’t take shoes, off, or at least walk around the plane without them. You don’t know what other travellers have been walking through.
  • Planes are periodically cleaned, but the other passengers (and yourself) could be bringing anything into the plane. Treat all surfaces as unclean.
  • The special meals, kosher, gluten free …etc. Are almost always prepared just before the flight. And they are often the first served, if you find being first an advantage.
  • Food tastes different on a plane because of the low pressure, noise and the fact that the meal must be pre-prepared. Some airlines compensate by including more salt. Avoid eating too much of the airline food.
  • Know the emergency procedure. We never know how we will react in a crisis, or how others react. It helps if we can follow a procedure in a reflex manner.
  • The water on the planes is of dubious quality; this includes the tea and coffee. Bring an empty bottle and fill it up at the airport before leaving. Do drink water, because the flight will dehydrate you, but make sure it is clean.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks – the low air pressure and the bubbly drink will make you feel bloated.
  • Caffeine and alcohol will dehydrate you, more so in the dry plane conditions.
  • You are exposed to UV light through the cabin window, much like a sunny day. Wear sunscreen or draw the shades.
  • Do some leg exercises to help you circulation. The socks that prevent deep vein thrombosis are good if you travel frequently.
  • There are dress codes, but they are rarely enforces. As long as you are neat and tidy, and not showing flesh, there is very rarely an issue. The exception is if you are on an employee pass, where you are representing the company and are expected to look the part.
  • Find a way to adapt to your destination’s time zone ahead of time.
  • An old trick, but chewing gum or a throat lozenge makes it easier for your ears to re-pressurize during accent and decent.
  • Many airlines are looking at changing all flight entertainment so they it relies on Wi-Fi. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi device you will have little to do.
  • An airport shuttle solves almost all baggage and transport issues. Pre-book an airport shuttle and avoid the hassle and logistic planning at the beginning and end of you trip.


Avoid most problems when travelling

Do some research on your destination. Google travel advice for individual countries and consider not going if there is a civil war or serious issue there.

Do some research on local customs and laws. The last thing you want is to needlessly break some law and end up in custody. Some countries have strict rules about unmarried couples and homosexual behaviour. It is better to change destinations than break these rules.

Learn some of the foreign language if possible. An app or translation device could make a lot of difference.

Water and food need to be looked into. Will you need to use bottled water? Will it be easy to buy food that won’t aggravate some allergy? If you can buy food the way the locals buy food it will work out cheaper than eating out.

Consider renting a mobile phone overseas. Access to Google maps could prove invaluable. If you do take your own phone, find out the cost of using it overseas- it may prove expensive.

Have some way to hold passports and valuables safely, like a hidden money belt. Leave non-essential items at home. Use items you can afford to lose. Buy a cheap watch, rent a local phone.

Take a note of passport and credit card numbers. These are invaluable if the items are stolen. If you do use your mobile, take photos of you documents. Post photos of documents on the internet (email them to yourself) in case the phone gets stolen.

Look at what particular inoculations you will need. Some vaccines need a few weeks to reach full potential.

Avoid free Wifi, or at least don’t use confidential information like credit card numbers or passwords. There will be people looking to hack accounts.

Get travel insurance. Pray you never need it, but you will be glad if the situation forces you to make a claim.

 Airport Transfers

Arrange airport transfers in advance. Any reasonable hotel they should be able to arrange this for you. There will always be scammers and con-artists at the airport who target tourists. The hotel shuttle is the safest option; after that, the airline might have a few options.

Arrange an airport transfer to Sydney airport, and a transfer home after the return flight. You will be glad of it on both occasions.


For Dual Nationality Travellers:

Some individuals are considered citizens of two countries. This can effect legal and diplomatic arrangements. Dual citizenship can also affect consular assistance from Australia.

You could be considered dual citizen if:

  • If your parents were born overseas.
  • Your marriage partner has foreign citizenship
  • Individuals born overseas to Australian parents may have citizenship of that country.
  • Foreigners who acquired Australia citizenship may still have citizenship in their country of birth.

Australian citizens should use there Australian passport whenever they leave the country. It is possible for dual citizens to travel overseas on a passport from another country, but this can affect consular relations. An Australian consulate may not be able to help a citizen if they did not enter another country on their Australian passport.

Some countries impose military service on dual citizenship travellers. Consulates may have very limited authority here. Before travelling check with the embassy or consulate of the country you plan to visit, and get all information in writing. It may be best to avoid travel if a country has any grounds for imposing military service.

It is possible for dual national citizens to be charged under laws of their own country, even if the act was committed outside that country. It is best to both seek legal advice and consult the foreign countries consulate/embassy before you leave Australia.

Child custody can be an issue if another country regards the child as one of their citizens. This can lead to serious custody disputes; all matters should be resolved before the child enters any country that might have any claim to citizenship.

Persons who have been expelled from their country or origin may not be allowed to enter that country, even if they do have an Australian passport. The legal situation should be confirmed with the destination country before departure. Get any relavent information from the country in writing.

Always take out travel insurance; even if you have citizenship in a country you are visiting you may not be eligible for health coverage. Some countries simply do not have health coverage.

For further information:

We suggest an airport shuttle, Sydney transport and traffic vary and you should never risk missing a flight. Airport shuttles use the most practical route and can take advantage of bus lanes, giving you a worry free journey with which to commence your trip.



plan b shuttle - sydney transport changes

There will never be a stable point reached with infrastructure. There will always be changes in progress or being planned. There are also countless plans that end up being abandoned. But as long as technology is progressing and as long as people are moving in and out of cities there will be modifications to the train, airports, roads and bus services.

There are plans for a train station at waterloo. This will mean a very major renovation for the entire surrounding area, with the present public housing being removed. This line may continue through to another new station at McEvoy St, Alexandria or the Green Square station on the airport line. A connection at Green square might be convenient for airport transfers, but the plans are still not finalized. The earlier option for putting the new station at Sydney University has been dropped; waterloo looks to be the final choice.

The Parramatta to Epping rail link has long since been dropped (late 2012), but servicing the two suburbs with a light rail instead seems likely. The rail link out to Rouse Hill has been in discussion for over a decade without being implemented. A T-way bus system has been doing well in this area since 2007; perhaps this is sufficient.

There are two overlapping patterns with transport changes. One is new systems and modifications being implemented to work with the perceived needs of people. The other is people changing their habits to make the most out of the transport situation. This second trend occurs more than realize; people will tend to find the cheapest fare, or find the most convenient way to get around. There may be a period of breaking old habit for new ones, but people find what works for them. When the Opal train/bus cards were introduced people soon found out how to keep fares at a minimum, travelling off-peak, making the most of price caps, and taking advantage of very cheap Sunday travel. We know, but often forget, that it is the destination, other people, the business enterprise, or one of many other reasons that actually gets us travelling. We forget how convenient the transport actually is, and end up getting on with our lives once we find a reason way to get around.

Sydney airport Shuttle transfers are set up to provide the most convenient transport to and from the airport.  Concentrate on you vacation of business trip, and keep travel time quick and pleasant with a private shuttle.


airport transfers, sydney - filling in some time on flights

We are more used to busy schedules these days, and not having to spend time in transition and travel doing nothing. This is largely due to the internet and smartphones. The half hour we use to spend traveling on the train we now spend shopping on eBay, or returning texts. Air travel is one of the few situations where this is not possible. Flight mode/aeroplane mode does give us some phone functions, but anything requiring transmission is basically turned off. This means you have games and music on your phone most of the time, but even that is not allowed during take-off and landing. And given the mediocre battery life of many smartphones they are unlikely to keep a charge till the end of the trip. As such, we need a few other things to keep us entertained.

  • Watch the inflight movie. This is obvious. Years ago the whole plane watched the same movie. And you had problems if you missed the beginning. Now there is often a screen and selection for each seat.
  • People who read all the time have no problem here. People who read occasionally might find they actually feel motivated for once.
  • Some planes have this, and it will probably become standard.
  • MP3 players. eBay has media players for $2.00, though you need a few dollars for the miniSD memory card. Problem is the battery life is only a few hours, so you might need several players. Many will charge on a USB port.
  • Talking to the person beside you can be hit and miss. Think of the Film Planes, trains and automobiles. If they are uninterested don’t push, they may simply be tired.
  • Chew gum so your ears pressurise properly.


  • Healthy snacks
  • New books, but similar to what they usually like
  • Movies on media players, preferably a new movie with familiar characters.
  • Keeping them busy is the key. Any activity will tend to last 15 minutes.
  • Window seats help.
  • Any activity that they cannot get enough of at home.
  • Earplugs (for you, not them).
  • Warn them about the severe punishment afforded children who misbehave on planes. This is a complete lie.
  • As much as possible try to accomidate the child’s circadian rhythm, when booking flights. They will sleep some of the time if you travel overnight.

Prepare before you leave.

  • Have comfitable clothing, with shoes you can remove. A jacket to remove will help if the temperature changes, especially at your destination.
  • Earplugs and or noise-cancelling headphones.
  • If they work for you use sleeping tablets and sleep the whole time. Time your schedule  so you wake up for an early morning start in the new time zone.
  • Use shuttles for Airport Transfers, Sydney airport is expensive and inconvenient when it comes for public transport.

Airport Transfers North Shore

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