Why Do they Hack?

We would be generalizing too much if we were to put all illegal and unethical computer users into the same category. Motives and goals vary too much. Some online activities are aimed at stealing money or merchandise; some online activities will pirate software (especially games) without affecting the original. More than a few illegal online activates are undertaken by thrill seekers, who do not intend any harm be may cause problems simply by ‘trespassing’. Then there are also a few honest ‘white hat’ individuals who hack in order to report inherent weaknesses to those in authority.

The motives and goals for criminal hacking it both complex and obvious. In the end a criminal hacker want to steal. The psychology that lead to this desire is complex, yet unimportant for the victim. The obvious goal is theft of property and money, and the obvious solution to this is better security.

Piracy, the illegal copying of something such a software or film, is not the same as stealing an object, but it is still illegal. The mindset behind this is probably not as corrupt as a hardened criminal. The individual wants something without paying for it, yet would almost certainly not steal in a direct manner. They might copy a music recording, but they would never steal a CD from a retail shop. The original owners of the copied material are losing potential revenue from this, but the actual loss is hard to calculate. Often those pirating the material would not be willing to pay for it, so there was no real potential sale. Yet this remains unethical as the efforts of those creating the material are not rewarded.

Many hackers will break in to the security of the system merely for the thrill. This is a form of rebellion, and it has some psychological roots in belongs to a social group while being rejected by society as a whole. Early 1980s hacking seems to have been done primarily by teenagers, who eluded authorities for a time. Like most teenage rebellion this was a stage they ultimately outgrew.

Hackers often see their activates as ‘art’, and ignore the (perhaps serious) criminal aspects or their endeavours. Yet despite their motive and intentions they run the risk of causing serious damage to important computer systems. Software and hardware security measures must be used to prevent this damage. There are companies such as Supremanic providing top quality finger print scanning system.

Physical security, protecting the company building, never goes out of style. If fact it tends to have a significant influence on computer and internet security. Fingerprint recognition has used by many high end security installation for many years. It has now started to become commonplace for midrange smartphones. Hacker, for all their ingenuity, will always have a difficult time with fingerprint recognition.

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