Painting Services Sydney – Roof Painting

The material and colour of house’s roof affect the inside temperature. Some materials conduct or insulate heat, and some colours will absorb more heat than others. Darker colours, especially black, absorbs the most heat and raise the temperature inside the house. Repainting the roof in a different colour can lower the temperature inside the house, thereby reducing the summer electricity bill.


Research over the last generation has discovered that groups of suburban houses subjected to the Sun can create Heat islands. A Heat Island is basically an area that absorbs and retains more heat than an otherwise unoccupied area. The roofs of many houses absorb the Sun’s rays and keep the local outside temperature 1-3 Degrees warmer in the day, and up to 12 degrees warmer at night. This has a bad environmental effect, if only because of the raised air conditioning bills.

Appropriate Colours for House Painting Sydney

Australia is divided into 8 climate zones, with 69 subzone divisions. The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) advises on the most suitable materials and colours for roofing in each of these areas. Following these guidelines will reduce energy expenditure and electricity costs in private housing.


Installing solar panels on the roof of a house will mean the sun’s energy is put to good use. Electricity from solar panels can be used to cool (or heat, if necessary) the inside of a house, more than compensating for the heat of the Sun.


House Painting Services Sydney

For House Painters Sydney is a fairly stable situation. While there are seasonal fluctuations Sydney residents do not have to tolerate extreme conditions like snow or tropical storms. One roof material and colour does quite well for the entire year.

Talk to your painters about the right look for you house, and the best way to keep temperatures stable. The benefits are long lasting.

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