501 of the Migration Act

In December 2014 there were changes made to section 501 of the Migration Act. Now an individual’s Visa can be cancelled if they have spent 12 months in jail or if they fail a ‘character test’. This has taken many foreign individuals by surprise. In 2016 more than 1000 visas were revoked.

Before the changes to section 501 were made there were occasional enquiries made by foreigners concerned about the future of their visa status, about one per month. Now there are about two calls per day.


There are many more individuals on visas who do not any enquiries because they are unaware of any issues. Some people have been in the country so long that they consider themselves citizens. But legally they belong to another country, and could be deported if they have substantial criminal history.


There is sometime ground for appeal in these cases; if people with Australian born children, for example. But in many cases they do not have the financial resources to appeal. If their visa is revoked they will be denied legal aid, and they often cannot afford a lawyer.


Several New Zealanders have had their visa revoked, often while serving time in prison. They are not told of the deportation till the prison sentence is over. About 100 New Zealanders were deported for criminal offences in the 12 months following the policy change.


About 2,358 non-citizens have had their visas cancelled since December 2104


Immigration Lawyer Sydney

Individuals concerned with their legal rights and immigration status should consult an immigration lawyer. Talks to Hope Immigration, a migration agent Sydney residents can trust.


Avoid Common Brushing Mistakes

  • Reusing the same toothbrush for too long. A recent internet hack has been to restore the toothbrush with boiling water, but this resorted brush doesn’t last very long.
  • Our tooth enamel is slightly softer after many meals; if we brush straight away we risk damaging the teeth. Gargle with water, and brush 30 minutes later.
  • Clean the tongue as well. This harbours bacteria and causes problems like bad breath.
  • Use a toothpaste with fluoride, or have some fluoride on your teeth with a mouthguard.
  • Hard bristles and hard brushing damage the teeth. Use a soft bristle brush and be persistent but gentle.
  • We don’t need that much tooth paste. Brush more often, but with less paste.
  • It makes all the difference as about 30% of the tooth area is between the teeth’ easily the most common place for debris to get caught.
  • Missing any section of the teeth. They are all prone to problems, and they all need cleaning.
  • Brush two to three times a day. Any more than this might be too often.
  • Clean the brush with hot water after use.
  • Always store the toothbrush with the bristles facing upward, so the moisture can drain away.
  • Keep the toothbrush away for any source of air pollution, like a toilet.
  • Ignoring any pain in the mouth is an issue.

Brushing prevents most dental issues, but not all. Teeth cannot be straightened by brushing, and wisdom teeth can will cause problems no matter what we do, often requiring extraction. But keeping our teeth clean will benefit the procedures that rectify crooked teeth and problems with partly emerged wisdom teeth.


Wisdom Tooth Removal Sydney

It is not uncommon for our mouths to have insufficient room for wisdom teeth. Talk to the dentist about wisdom tooth extraction.


Dental Implants Sydney

Implants can replace lost or severely damaged teeth. If you suspect that you need a dental implant Sydney had may fine dental practitioners.


Why replace a Floor?

Why replace a Floor?


Out floors serve many functions. Apart from providing the surface upon which we stand and place our belongings they also connect to the environment aspects of the room (the temperature and humidity) and are a fundamental part of the décor. Older flooring can compromise any or all of these aspects of our homes.

Improve air quality

Modern timber very rarely causes health concerns, but older carpet or moisture problems beneath the floor can be an issue. Replacing the floor, and taking measures against moisture, mould and dust mites can make all the difference to a home.


Walking surface

A softer walking surface can make life easier on our feet, back and other joints. Floating floors are one option, with an underlay that provides some cushioning.


Visual Look

We spend a lot of time in our homes. Life is better is we live in a house that we find pleasing. An upgrade can last for decades.


Timber flooring Perth

Wooden floors remain a popular choice. They can look good when colour stained or carpeted. And the options can be changed over time.


Floor sanding Perth

Good solid timber can be restored to new condition with a floor sanding. The actual timber can last more than a lifetime. If the floor shows signs of wear it can be re-sanded at look like new. Else, home owners sometime what to re-stain the floor to a different colour after sanding. A floor should be re-sanded every 10-20 years, and still last a century.


Floating timber floors Perth

Floating floors are installed above existing floors. They consist of pre-cut timber slates that easily lock together, make for quick and relatively simple DIY projects. While they do last for many years it is possible (and quite easy) to replace the floating floor should they suffer damage, or if the home owners feel like a change or décor.


Bamboo flooring Perth

Bamboo is the newer flooring option that is similar to traditional timber. It has a similar durability to higher quality wood and similar stain and colour options.


Laminate flooring Perth

Laminate is a low expense option designed to imitate wood, or even stone or tiles. There are more design options with laminate than any medium. It is well suited to floating floors and DIY projects.