Avoid Hacking and Malware

Our phones are not immune to the influence of other people. Nobody is specifically targeting us individually, but there will always be some criminal activity that threatens to steal our credit details or just prove inconvenient. Some precautions can go a long way to prevent this.


  • Use passwords whenever possible. Make them hard to guess and don’t share them with anybody.
  • Change passwords on a regular basis.
  • Don’t use any programme than remembers passwords. Anybody using you device can exploit this.
  • If your email is hacked, immediately change all other passwords.
  • Backup any photos and files you want to keep. If your device fails you do not want to lose this important information.
  • If you have Bluetooth enabled, turn off ‘discoverable’ so others cannot detect you be scanning.
  • Install mobile security software. Sometimes this is free from the phone manufacturer.
  • Get and anti-virus app.
  • Some apps will let you control your phone remotely if it is stolen.
  • Most public Wi-Fi is unsafe. Avoid any messages with personal data, and do not use any credit cards or make purchases over Wi-Fi.
  • Don’t install any apps that ask for personal information other than what is relevant to their use.
  • Never follow unsolicited email leads.
  • Never answer emails that claim to be from your bank. No bank ever communicates this way.
  • If you install apps, google them beforehand to see if others have had good or bad experiences with them.
  • If the phone has tracker capability the activate it, and use it to remotely lock and locate your phone.
  • Update your phone’s firmware. Newer firmware will provide some greater protection.


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