Some Phone Trends

Wi-Fi Phone

We kind of know how this works for us because we have already taken to Wi-Fi for data. Portable phones can connect to a Wi-Fi network and use this for calls, much like we presently use Wi-Fi instead of our own data allotment. The limitations here could be minimal if city wide Wi-Fi becomes the norm; all our calls could be Wi-Fi.


Mobile Augmented Reality

This type of thing was rumoured with Google glass – we are informed of our surroundings as we travel; information about buildings, businesses, opening time, restaurant reviews is at our fingertips. We point our phone, we receive information about the best places to eat and the latest bargains.


Phone Payment

This has always been a question of which system. We long ago grew use to paying electronically. Newer systems look to be near instant money transfers; rather than credit the money transfers straight from the buyers account.


TV phones

Again, not completely new, but streaming the programmes you want instead of tuning into a pre-set schedules channel is now quite common. Many providers, and there are discounts if you have home and phones with the same group. South Korea had TV programmes over the phone line back in 2002, but the bills were very high. Now it is a regular monthly payment, and the service is far better.


Mobile Phone Repairs Sydney

A working phone now supplies more services than ever. ETS Cellular can help with any damaged phone. Don’t miss out on any opportunities; our phones are too important for our lives these days. Get you phone up and working again with ETS Cellular.


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