Stoneware Cookware

People ask what the best option is for cookware. We like the convenience of non-stick, but know that non-stick Teflon may cause health issues. We like good heating qualities for out pot and pans, but sometimes fail to distinguish between a pan with evenly spread heating and a pan with fast heating. The advantages might depend on what we are cooking. And obviously we prefer something that is long lasting.


Ceramic cookware has its advantages. It doesn’t affect the flavour in any way or add any chemicals to what we eat. It is durable in the sense that it doesn’t scratch, and can be put in the microwave. But it will break if dropped on a hard surface.


Cast iron is the classis cooking medium. It is fairly non-stick if seasoned properly, and the only thing it adds to the food is a little iron, which is actually good for us. A cast iron pan is super durable, probably lasting decades; if anything it will destroy the item it has an accident with. A small disadvantage is that the iron heats evenly, but slowly.


Stoneware uses a combination of materials to get the best combination of features. The blue marble surface is non-stick and hard wearing. Unlike Teflon it will not smoke and release chemical if overheated. It also does not affect the flavour of the food in any way. The aluminium core heats quickly and evenly, which means you can easily control the heating you apply to the food.  It is dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning.


Cookware online Sydney

Order stoneware Cookware online and experience easy cooking. One larger pan can handle most cooking needs, but you may find yourself so impressed that you start ordering more to complete you cooking set.


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