Solar Hydronic Heating








Considerations with Solar Hydronic Heating

  • You are buying more than just hardware. You are investing in a cheaper ongoing heating system, and helping to use less energy from the mains supply. This is environmentally sound
  • There are options, and there is cost cutting. If you buy a substandard solar system it will not last as long as a better quality one, and cost money to replace. A decent system should last 25 years.
  • If you use solar energy during the say you are saving during the peak electricity hours.
  • Look at the house roof to find the best place for panels. A North/Norwest position is best, but there are ways to get quite good results from other surfaces.
  • You can buy solar batteries for energy storage. 6kWhour batteries is now considered quite standard.
  • The best time to install a solar system, and a hydronic heating system, is when the house is being built; you won’t have to replace a former system. Installing a solar system as part of a renovation is good too.
  • It’s never too late to change to solar.

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