A Little On Problem Solving


Escape rooms are about solving a series of problems. Unlike some other situations the problems in an escape room are interconnected; they are all components that lead to a larger solution – escape from the room. Also, unlike many other situations the problems in an escape room are entertaining. The fair comparison would be a detective mystery.


Some ideas for solving Problems:

  • Think laterally. Some solutions are logical, but the logical behind it many only make sense after you see the answer. Look at things from all angles.
  • Think differently, and don’t overthink. The answer is often not a case of being more complex or extreme, just one of a multitude of possible answers that happens to be right.
  • If two items have the same colour, shape, are causally connected, or come from the historical time period or foreign culture, there may well be a link.
  • There are often red herrings, which may not be deliberate. The human mind takes information and sees connections, but the connections may be in the mind of the observer, not the character’s mind or the theme of the escape room. Consider how the character or story of the room might think.
  • Look for patterns. These are rarely coincidence. Again, what is the pattern that the character or theme of the room might follow.
  • In contrast to the previous advice, is there anything out of place? The key to the whole day might be the item that breaks the pattern.
  • Anything obvious in a room is probably an element that need to be solved early on before you can solve other puzzles.
  • The problems have no memory; what worked to find one solution may not work on the next puzzle, it might even prove misleading.
  • At the same time the problems in an escape room are interconnected. If there is a theme to the room (as there invariable is) then the solutions to the puzzles will ultimately fit in with this theme.
  • Communicate and include everybody. Often two individuals will have half of a clue each.

There are two things that make us feel more alive: Strong physical sensations, like amusement parks, physical sport or rich food; and powerful mental activity like strong emotions or the release we get from an intellectual breakthrough. Escape rooms provide a lot of the mental feeling of being alive, and perhaps a little of the physical. Part of being alive is about throwing ourselves into challenges and emotional situations. Escape rooms provide this in a prepared and secure manner.


Escape Room Sydney

You don’t have to play every escape room Game Sydney has to offer in order to feel the benefits; you just have to make sure you don’t play the same one twice. They are great for building and releasing tension. Try them socially or as a team building exercise for a company.


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