Awnings Sydney



Awnings are popular for DIYers. About half the awnings sold are installed by the buyer.


Awnings are a good combination of practical and reasonable simplicity. They are useful for sheltering a car or smaller boat, or for shading a window. As long as the wall has a structure that can support the weight, there is not too much to worry about. And if the wall proves insufficient the awning can be attached to the roof trusses.


The height of the awning is an important consideration, especially if it is to shelter a vehicle. But if there is clearance for a person to walk underneath (say, 7 feet) there should not be an issue. Some vans and 4WD will require more room.


Mounting will require supports to be fixed to studs in the supporting wall. Use a stud finder to locate these, and always mount in the stud’s centre. If the awning is fabric the amount of support needed is not too great. Solid timber or aluminium awnings require more support, and therefore more wall fixtures. These are part of the supplied awning materials. Always use all of the supports supplied.


Recommended Tools for Awnings Sydney

  • Power drill
  • Hard hat
  • Eye protection
  • Rigger’s gloves or similar.
  • Secure ladder.
  • Fluid level.


One issue to watch out for is lighting and electrical wiring. Don’t install these unless you have an electrical licence or similar qualification. If there is any possibility of electrical wiring behind any walls do not attempt to drill through or mount upon those walls. Check the level of the power points and lighting fixtures inside the house. If these are at a similar level to any holes you need to drill (this is unlikely, but still possible) have the situation checked by an electrician.


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