Makeup Affecting the Skin


Makeup, like many things, varies in quality; and quality loosely translates to price. One area to watch for is toxic, or suspect, ingredients. The full list of problem substances is extensive, with the European Union banning about 1000 additives. A list of the most suspect ingredients includes:


  • Oxybenzone – Mostly found in sunscreen, sometimes in moisturisers. It apparently has a negative effect on hormones.
  • Phthalates – Found in soap, shampoo and nail polish. This affects the reproductive system.
  • Petroleum products- These are from the same source as petrol and oil. Apart from dermatitis that may be carcinogenic.
  • Formaldehyde – This is found in many cosmetics, as well as plastic goods and carpets. It is thought to be carcinogenic, to aggravate allergies, and tends to cause physical and mental fatigue. New carpet/new car smell is largely formaldehyde.
  • Fragrance/synthetic fragrance – Unless the fragrance is specified it is an unknown factor. There could be 100 chemical in the scent, all of which are an unknown risk.
  • Toluene – Used to make nail polish apply smoothly. This is less of a risk if not inhaled; use in a well-ventilated area.


Ingredients in skin care products can get into our bodies and affect us. It is best to avoid anything suspect, and slightly safer to stick with better quality products and established companies. Yet even this is not fool proof. European cosmetic products have stricter guidelines compared to the USA, but there are almost certainly chemical hazards not yet uncovered. Avoid anything that is the obvious cause of a problem, and try eliminating products if you find yourself suffering allergies of feeling physical or mentally fatigued.


Wedding Makeup Sydney

Bridal makeup uses higher quality products, which tend to be lower risk. One reason for a trail makeup session is to look for complication. Allergic reactions are very rare, these products have been used and retained because they have proved safe, but it is best to be sure.


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