Awnings Sydney



Awnings are popular for DIYers. About half the awnings sold are installed by the buyer.


Awnings are a good combination of practical and reasonable simplicity. They are useful for sheltering a car or smaller boat, or for shading a window. As long as the wall has a structure that can support the weight, there is not too much to worry about. And if the wall proves insufficient the awning can be attached to the roof trusses.


The height of the awning is an important consideration, especially if it is to shelter a vehicle. But if there is clearance for a person to walk underneath (say, 7 feet) there should not be an issue. Some vans and 4WD will require more room.


Mounting will require supports to be fixed to studs in the supporting wall. Use a stud finder to locate these, and always mount in the stud’s centre. If the awning is fabric the amount of support needed is not too great. Solid timber or aluminium awnings require more support, and therefore more wall fixtures. These are part of the supplied awning materials. Always use all of the supports supplied.


Recommended Tools for Awnings Sydney

  • Power drill
  • Hard hat
  • Eye protection
  • Rigger’s gloves or similar.
  • Secure ladder.
  • Fluid level.


One issue to watch out for is lighting and electrical wiring. Don’t install these unless you have an electrical licence or similar qualification. If there is any possibility of electrical wiring behind any walls do not attempt to drill through or mount upon those walls. Check the level of the power points and lighting fixtures inside the house. If these are at a similar level to any holes you need to drill (this is unlikely, but still possible) have the situation checked by an electrician.



Intuition is the subject of much speculation and disagreement, though discussions of its nature tend to be good natured. There is no consensus whether the matter is spiritual, spiritual with the aid of deities, an inborn biological process, or an unconscious process we have acquired through experience. There is not even any condenses on how much we should trust it.


Eastern traditions tend to equate intuition with religion. Views vary with the different school of thought, but an intuitive mind was thought to see beyond mere appearances, and into something behind the scenes. If so, it should apply well to new situations. A new situation is not an unknown situation if we have insight.


Some western traditions see intuition as an unconscious, systematic form of thinking. Our minds have put patterns together from isolated facts and past experiences, and can approach new situations as extensions of these patterns and systems. Entirely foreign situations may seem strange to us because they do not adhere to any previously known pattern. But many other situations that are superficially new will feel comfortable as long as their underlying operation is similar to others things form our past. This view means intuition does depend on at least some past experience.


Greek philosopher Plato thought intuition was knowledge that we have forgotten, rather like repressed memories. We can encounter a situation and find that some of the lost memory returns, and the situation seems familiar. We know at least some things before we have experience and before we consciously try to work them out. Philosopher Descartes had similar views, but believed the knowledge within us has to be uncovered with rational reasoning. The pre-existence of knowledge within us implies either a spiritual origin of information gains through hereditary.


More modern psychology sees intuition as an ability to see the connection between facts. The situation we encounter may be new, but it has some form of systematic organization. If we can grasp this organization, how the pieces fit together, we have an intuitive understanding of what we are dealing with.


Foam consists of a solid or liquid that has trapped pocket of gas inside. There are many types of foam, which can be loosely categorized as closed-cell and open-cell. In closed-cell foam each gas bubble is full enclosed in its own cell. Solid foam material with closed -cells are not be easily compressible. In an open-cell foam there are no discrete cells. Instead, there is continual connected space throughout the material. Open-cell foams, like sponges, are able soak up water to some degree. They are as flexible as the material they are made from. Sometimes a closed-cell foam will also have some open-cells, meaning it will soak up liquids to some degree.


EPS Foam Recycling Services

Though the word ‘Foam’ can be applied to many objects people often use the word to refer to expanded polystyrene (EPS). This is also known as ‘Styrofoam’, even though ‘Styrofoam’ is a trademarked name.


Expanded Styrofoam is light and reasonably rigid, idea for padding, packing and protection. It is basically closed-cell and water resistant, but not perfectly so. It has some open-cell properties and will soak up some liquids over time. If any water in the EPS freezes the material will tend to break apart; this is due to the water inside expanding as is becomes ice. But while this breaks the EPS into smaller pieces it does not rid the environment of the basic polystyrene material itself. Polystyrene, EPS or otherwise, must be recycled, usually with an EPS Recycling Machine.


EPS Equipment,

Expanded polystyrene was independently invented by American and Swedish engineers in about 1940. Originally intended to replace rubber, which was in short supply because of the military demand of the day, it ended up being used for many different purposes. The accumulation of EPS and polystyrene products in the environment is an ongoing concern, but recycling the material (by turning it into new products), or breaking it down into its component, prevents the environmental pollution.


Transport of polystyrene, especially EPS, is difficult as the material is quite bulky, even as it weighs very little. EPS equipment is often used to compress Expanded Polystyrene in order to reduce the bulk for transport to the recycling facility.

Improve Cognitive Functioning


Audiences that watched the 2011 film Limitless saw a character taking a nootropic drug. The idea of these drugs is to increase cognitive functioning- they make the user a lot more intelligent. Of course, no known drug can have the effects seen in these types of film, but there are many supplements that have a subtle yet worthwhile effect. Really, these supplements don’t so much increase our mental abilities as return them to the place they should already be. Just as good diet and exercise can often restore our body’s health, so good supplement, mental exercise and avoidance of pollutants can being out brain functioning to optimal.


Caffeine – This is something of a drug, but a mild one. Used sparingly, a little caffeine in the morning does have a positive effect. It can make some people jittery or anxious, and some find it addictive; they find they cannot get by without it. Still, it can combine well with other substances like Theanine.

Theanine – Initially noticed in green tea, this substance combines well with caffeine (also found in green tea). Theanine give us calm concentration. With caffeine is gives better memory, alertness, concentration without anxiety or blood pressure problems. Green tea has reasonable level of these two substances, and works reasonably well. Ideally there should be at least two parts theanine for 1 part caffeine.

Fresh Vegetable juice – By fresh, we mean make you own! Use a blender, and get all the fibre, vitamins and minerals in the solid food.

Cocoa/Dark Chocolate – Great for anti-oxidants. It seems to improve cognitive function, especially when taken long term. Possibly the best tasting thing on the list.

Omega 3 fish Oil – This has become famous over the last generation. Many people with mild metal problems were able to give up medication when they took Omega 3 oil. Again, it’s not a miracle; our bodies need this oil and we don’t do well without it. This just seems to restore the proper brain functioning, or at least part of it.

Creatine – Mostly used by bodybuilders, this increases mental speed, improving memory and intelligence. A small daily quantity of powder makes a noticeable difference.

Turmeric – The yellow powder so common in Indian cuisine. This greatly reduces the decay of mental functioning. A small but steady amount of turmeric in the diet greatly reduces problems with age related memory problems.

Ginseng – Korean Red Ginseng seems to be the best form of this. This may be the ultimate adaptogen – it seems to benefit us no matter what the issue is. An improved immune system seems reason enough to take ginseng, but it makes a noticeable difference with mental clarity.


A pleasant side effect of taking the right supplements, of improving our mental functioning, is that we often feel much better. When full alert and performing well we tend to get more done, appreciate the results, and feel notable happier in the process. In contrast to the 2014 film Lucy, we don’t lose emotions as we become more intelligent.

Improving Karate

Private Karate Training

One on one training has always been useful in any discipline. Just getting feedback and correction is enough reason to justify a private lesson or two. The lessons are costly, but you will improve much faster. The cost is at least partly offset by the fact you will benefit more from your regular lessons.


Seminars and Camps

Perhaps the opposite approach to private lessons, but this is very different to regular classes. You learn from a different teacher, you interact with different people; you won’t get stuck in a routine. And you tend to get quite a lot from one weekend away.


Teaching Karate

Ok, this presumes you have some level of competence. It is terrible when the beginners learn mistakes from the instructor. But teaching puts things in perspective. There is a tradition of professors often teaching the introductory class. This is partly to prevent the beginners acquiring misconceptions, but it also lets the teacher keep some perspective; they remember what it was like to acquire these skill the first time; the remember that the subject does not exist in a vacuum. Teaching reinforces the foundations of knowledge.



The only issue with books is finding the good ones. Recommendations help; read Amazon reviews. The cost of a book is often less than a lesson or two. And even if you only get a few solid ideas out of a book it was worth the price.


On line Training.

If you already have the internet, and most of us do, it doesn’t cost anything to look up some instructional advice. Again, there is good advice and mediocre, so finding the worthwhile karate videos is a hassle. But this is far better than 99% of the time we spend surfing the net. If you find a good site, tell us about it.

Makeup Affecting the Skin


Makeup, like many things, varies in quality; and quality loosely translates to price. One area to watch for is toxic, or suspect, ingredients. The full list of problem substances is extensive, with the European Union banning about 1000 additives. A list of the most suspect ingredients includes:


  • Oxybenzone – Mostly found in sunscreen, sometimes in moisturisers. It apparently has a negative effect on hormones.
  • Phthalates – Found in soap, shampoo and nail polish. This affects the reproductive system.
  • Petroleum products- These are from the same source as petrol and oil. Apart from dermatitis that may be carcinogenic.
  • Formaldehyde – This is found in many cosmetics, as well as plastic goods and carpets. It is thought to be carcinogenic, to aggravate allergies, and tends to cause physical and mental fatigue. New carpet/new car smell is largely formaldehyde.
  • Fragrance/synthetic fragrance – Unless the fragrance is specified it is an unknown factor. There could be 100 chemical in the scent, all of which are an unknown risk.
  • Toluene – Used to make nail polish apply smoothly. This is less of a risk if not inhaled; use in a well-ventilated area.


Ingredients in skin care products can get into our bodies and affect us. It is best to avoid anything suspect, and slightly safer to stick with better quality products and established companies. Yet even this is not fool proof. European cosmetic products have stricter guidelines compared to the USA, but there are almost certainly chemical hazards not yet uncovered. Avoid anything that is the obvious cause of a problem, and try eliminating products if you find yourself suffering allergies of feeling physical or mentally fatigued.


Wedding Makeup Sydney

Bridal makeup uses higher quality products, which tend to be lower risk. One reason for a trail makeup session is to look for complication. Allergic reactions are very rare, these products have been used and retained because they have proved safe, but it is best to be sure.