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Ixekizumab is a drug recently approved for treating moderate to severe Psoriasis. Ixekizumab, also known as Taltz, was approved by the FDA in the United States on March 22nd 2016, and by the European equivalent in April the same year. Availability of the drug varies between countries, but it tends to become available a few months after being granted approval.


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As with other treatments for psoriasis Ixekizumab is not a cure; the medication must be continued in order to achieve the benefits. But these benefits are quite impressive; one third of the patients across medical trials had perfectly clear skin after three months continual use of Ixekizumab; most of the other patients experienced significant improvement in their condition, many with 75% reduction in their symptoms.


Side effects of the treatment were recorded, though they were not too severe. Patients reported more frequent colds, and the area where they received the Ixekizumab injection was prone to infections. But similar side effects were reported with other Psoriasis treatments, even as these other treatments were less effective. As psoriasis and the treatments deal with the immune system these sorts of side effects are not too surprising.


Psoriasis Treatment Sydney

Other treatments such a massage may help the immune system better deal with psoriasis or the side effects or psoriasis medication. Natural therapies are preferable, though some aliments do require extensive treatments. There is no reason why some natural massage cannot be used to complement or compensate for regular medical treatments.


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