A Better Night’s Sleep

A few things can improve a night’s sleep. Sleeping well, along with exercise and good nutrition, which benefit sleep, make all the difference in one’s life.


  • Melatonin supplements help some people sleep. Melatonin is a natural occurring substance in the body that regulates circadian rhythms, the cycle that determines when we feel tired and need to sleep. Melatonin can help sleep when taken an hour before bed. It is a prescription item in Australia, though herbal and other supplement versions are available at bulk chemists.
  • Sleep is difficult for those who experience restless legs – legs that either jitter at night, or go completely numb. Rubbing damp soap on the legs help, or just leaving a block of dry soap next to the legs. Try changing diet so there is more magnesium and water with fewer stimulants like caffeine. This is beneficial for sleep even if there are no leg problems.
  • Hot water bottles are inexpensive, and those with restless legs find them beneficial. Use a cloth cover over the bottle. As rubber perishes over time the bottle will need replacing after about a year.
  • Electric blankets are popular with some individuals. Avoid older models which deteriorate over time- these can be unsafe.
  • A sleep induction mat that either massages the back or provides a form of acupuncture is helpful for some people.
  • Avoid bright lights, especially blue lights. This included TV screen, computers, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Wear orange or red tinted glasses for two hours before bed.
  • Sleep before 11. If you don’t your body starts to get a second wind and wake up again.
  • Get Sunlight early in the morning. This helps you sleep 16 hours later.

Some supplements for better sleep include:

  • Valerian
  • Passion flower
  • Magnesium
  • Omega 3, in fish or krill oil.


Golden Tree Thai Massage

Preparation for a better night’s sleep doesn’t start 5 minutes before bed. We want to be better rested so out life can improve. Often we must change our lifestyle in order to sleep better. But a better night’s sleep also makes for an improved experience during the day. A holistic approach is best; every aspect of our lives are connected. All positive changes yield improvements in other areas of our life.


A regular massage can allow the individual to better adjust themselves, mentally and physically. Try Concord Thai Massage or Burwood Thai Massage, and find your life experience adjusting accordingly.


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