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Traditionally paints come in three main types:

  • Water colours – the paint we are familiar with from preschool. These tend to be light, bright and transparent. They tend to be quite thin in consistency.
  • Acrylics – these are a little thicker than watercolours, and are actually a type of plastic. They are fast drying, and though water soluble when wet they are quite water resistant when dry.
  • Oil paint – this has pigment suspended in linseed oil (though there are some variations here). This is slow drying, but continues to be popular for artwork.

There have also been other variants such as egg tempera and face paints, though these have no use in house painting.


House Painters Sydney

Enamel paint – this is a paint that dries to a hard, glossy surface. It is very rarely used for internal walls, but often appears on railings, metalwork, stairs and concrete floors. The type of finish we see on whitegoods like fridges and cooing equipment is high quality enamel.


Plasterwall/drywall Internal Paint

Interior paint tends to have one of the following finishes.

  • Flat or Matt finish – Till recently this was the most popular finish. It hides imperfections well and is reasonably easy to clean.
  • Gloss – Easy to clean, but it highlights imperfections. It tends to be a little too intense for entire walls, but has always remained popular for skirting boards, window sill and door trim.
  • Semi-gloss – this is quite tough and easy to clean, but it tends to show surface imperfections.
  • Eggshell (satin) – This is very popular, having all the imperfection hiding qualities of flat, but being easier to clean. It is the best combination of all finishes.


Ceiling paint

This is a different variation from wall paint. It is made to not reflect light (non-glossy) in order to hide imperfections or irregularities. Ceilings tend to have very little on them except light, so any unevenness will be easily visible. The white colour of the ceiling paint also serves to make the room bigger.

Ceiling paint is formulated to cause less dripping than normal wall paint. This is important for a suspended horizontal surface.

Ceiling paint does not have the easy to clean properties of wall paint. As it is exposed to far less wear and tear than walls this is hardly an issue. Kitchens, being exposed to steam and cooking grease, are an exception to this, and may benefit from other types of paints.


House Painting Services Sydney

House painters have the experience to help you achieve your desired result. Decide the colours you want, the use of the room, or if you want the look of more open space, and the professionals can recommend the right paint for the job.


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