Sydney lash studio

Great looking lashes are part of our beauty routine. But they don’t exist in isolation. We want great skin and hair too, and anything else that makes it all fit together. Today we will look at some skin essentials.


The basic advice that previous generations gave us tends to be mostly right. Cut back on sugar and fat while eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. We could re phrase this to say eat unprocessed food and stick to the natural variety. Processed food is mostly full of unhealthy additives, though there are exceptions.


Several health food shops sell powdered forms of beets, kale and other vegetables. This is processed, but the powders seem fine for blended drinks. Add these to breakfast, a time we usually don’t eat vegetables.


Chocolate has an undeserved reputation. This is one of the few times our parents didn’t have the full story. Processed chocolate of the past was (as often still is) full of sugar, even as the cocoa ingredient was actually good for us. Eat dark chocolate instead. It contains a lot of antioxidants and little sugar. You will feel better, have lower blood pressure, and maybe even think a little better. Raw Cacao powder is unprocessed cocoa, and it even healthier than chocolate.


Cook with healthy oil, like cold pressed olive oil. The health problems once thought to be connected to chocolate (acne, clogged pores, clogged arteries…etc.) look to have been the result of trans-fat and vegetable oil (which is not made from vegetables). Look for healthy oils, and keep them below their smoke point, the temperature where they break down. Put extra virgin olive oil on salads and watch your skin problems steadily clear.


Drink water. The most obvious thing, but essential. Our Australian water supplies tend to be quite good, so we take water for granted. Many countries are not so lucky. If you want you can buy charcoal filtering for tap water, and use a UV light for further purification. Either way, water is inexpensive, so make use of it.


Herbal teas are good. There are countless varieties. Try them and find the ones you like; or find the ones that treat the issues you have to deal with. Green tea and white tea are especially healthy; find a way to drink these daily.


Look after your skin. After all, a healthy appearance should reflect a healthy lifestyle.


Sydney lash studio

Great eyelashes make all the difference to our appearance. Our eyes are one of the first features that everybody notices. But lashes are even better when the rest us looks and feel great too.


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