457 and Later Permanent Residency

Advice from Immigration Lawyers Sydney

The 457 VISA is for temporary residence in Australia. It is often a means to later gain permanent residency, usually after two years, though this is certainly not automatic.  Individuals intending to later acquire permanent residency can help their chances by filing as much of the required criteria as possible. Those filling the criteria can often be eligible for the permanent residency through the ENS Temporary Residence Transition Stream.

You must work at least two years in the job you were initially sponsored for.

You must have the 457 VISA throughout the duration of the employment.

Your work must be full time, in this case counted as 35 hours per week.

Unpaid leave is not included in two years; there must be two years of employment.

You cannot change employer.

Any company reorganization, any change of position within the company, may affect eligibility.

You require an IELTS ranking of at least 5. The test must have been conducted with the last 3 years.

Employers need to provide confirmation of position employment conditions.

Employers need to show they meet yearly training obligations with their staff.

Migration Agent Sydney

Talk to your migration lawyer in advance to see if there are any other ways to improve your chances of gaining permanent residency. There are methods to gain permanent residency through General Skilled Migration or ENS Direct Entry. There are also partner VISAs to consider.


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