Fix leaking shower without removing tile

If you notice any signs of leaking water you should have the shower inspected. Damp carpet, swollen wood or signs of water on the ceiling below a second story shower are all suspicious. Such items as loose tiles or discoloured grout are probably connected to leaks.


Leaking Tile Repairs Perth

Re- tiling and re- grouting are major undertakings.  But unattended leaks are far more expensive in the long term. Sometime a shower can be repaired with minimal time and fuss, provided the problem is addressed as early as possible.


Sometimes a shower can simply be resealed. This is quite economical and allows the shower to be used in a few hours.


Leaking Shower Repairs Perth  

Leaks may be the result of damaged grouting. For more serious situations the grouting in the shower must be removed. A liquid compound can then be injected underneath the tiles surface. When the compound is dry the tiles are then re-grouted and resealed.


Fix leaking shower without removing tile

The aim of repairs is to restore the system to full working order with the least amount of trouble, allowing it to continue working without further problems. It is always better to put more effort upfront into installation and repair than it is to deal with problems later on. But sometime repairs can be effective with minimal fuss.


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