Of course a custom vehicle wrap allows a car to be decorated in any way. This is great for company cars displaying the team colours or private cars and their owners who just want to convey their own sense of style. The only reservation about vehicles wraps is applying them correctly; people fear the problems with air bubbles.


Modern vinyl technology is far better than the materials used in earlier wraps. Adhesives now take about 24 hours to bond correctly, allowing the vinyl to be repositioned until the result is optimal. The vinyl material itself is manufactured with channels that allow air to escape, all but eliminating any problems with bubbles. Additionally, the material is designed to stretch up to 40%; this allows easy accommodation of corners, curves and edges.


The paint on which the vinyl is applied must be immaculate. Anything that can be felt with the touch of a hand can be later seen when the vinyl wrap is applied. This may require extensive work with paint cleaners and alcohol, though many cars have vehicle wraps applied while they are brand new. If the paintwork under the wrap really is in good condition it will be preserved by the vinyl wrap. If the warp is removed after 10 years the car paint will look like new.


Car Wrapping Perth

Applying the wrap is still a skilled art, but technology keeps making the results better.


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