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Ixekizumab is a drug recently approved for treating moderate to severe Psoriasis. Ixekizumab, also known as Taltz, was approved by the FDA in the United States on March 22nd 2016, and by the European equivalent in April the same year. Availability of the drug varies between countries, but it tends to become available a few months after being granted approval.


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As with other treatments for psoriasis Ixekizumab is not a cure; the medication must be continued in order to achieve the benefits. But these benefits are quite impressive; one third of the patients across medical trials had perfectly clear skin after three months continual use of Ixekizumab; most of the other patients experienced significant improvement in their condition, many with 75% reduction in their symptoms.


Side effects of the treatment were recorded, though they were not too severe. Patients reported more frequent colds, and the area where they received the Ixekizumab injection was prone to infections. But similar side effects were reported with other Psoriasis treatments, even as these other treatments were less effective. As psoriasis and the treatments deal with the immune system these sorts of side effects are not too surprising.


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Other treatments such a massage may help the immune system better deal with psoriasis or the side effects or psoriasis medication. Natural therapies are preferable, though some aliments do require extensive treatments. There is no reason why some natural massage cannot be used to complement or compensate for regular medical treatments.


A Better Night’s Sleep

A few things can improve a night’s sleep. Sleeping well, along with exercise and good nutrition, which benefit sleep, make all the difference in one’s life.


  • Melatonin supplements help some people sleep. Melatonin is a natural occurring substance in the body that regulates circadian rhythms, the cycle that determines when we feel tired and need to sleep. Melatonin can help sleep when taken an hour before bed. It is a prescription item in Australia, though herbal and other supplement versions are available at bulk chemists.
  • Sleep is difficult for those who experience restless legs – legs that either jitter at night, or go completely numb. Rubbing damp soap on the legs help, or just leaving a block of dry soap next to the legs. Try changing diet so there is more magnesium and water with fewer stimulants like caffeine. This is beneficial for sleep even if there are no leg problems.
  • Hot water bottles are inexpensive, and those with restless legs find them beneficial. Use a cloth cover over the bottle. As rubber perishes over time the bottle will need replacing after about a year.
  • Electric blankets are popular with some individuals. Avoid older models which deteriorate over time- these can be unsafe.
  • A sleep induction mat that either massages the back or provides a form of acupuncture is helpful for some people.
  • Avoid bright lights, especially blue lights. This included TV screen, computers, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Wear orange or red tinted glasses for two hours before bed.
  • Sleep before 11. If you don’t your body starts to get a second wind and wake up again.
  • Get Sunlight early in the morning. This helps you sleep 16 hours later.

Some supplements for better sleep include:

  • Valerian
  • Passion flower
  • Magnesium
  • Omega 3, in fish or krill oil.


Golden Tree Thai Massage

Preparation for a better night’s sleep doesn’t start 5 minutes before bed. We want to be better rested so out life can improve. Often we must change our lifestyle in order to sleep better. But a better night’s sleep also makes for an improved experience during the day. A holistic approach is best; every aspect of our lives are connected. All positive changes yield improvements in other areas of our life.


A regular massage can allow the individual to better adjust themselves, mentally and physically. Try Concord Thai Massage or Burwood Thai Massage, and find your life experience adjusting accordingly.

Mobile Phones and Cancer

Rumours about a link between mobile phones and possible cancers started when mobile phones were first introduced. The technology has changed since then; early phones were analogue and used more power. Digital technology has reduced the power consumption and radiation in phones. Digital encoding allows a signal to be transmitted with much less concern over clarity or interference, even with lower power signals. Closer base stations allow shorter signal paths, again reducing the amount of power needed.


But even with lower powered signals a mobile phone still emits radiation. This is why some people are concerned that they may cause cancer. Some technical information will help us understand this.


Radiation comes in many forms. Mobile phones Radio Frequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation.  This RF can broadly divide into two categories – ionizing and non-ionizing. Ionizing radiation causes atoms to gain or lose an electron, which is a change at the molecular level of matter. This ionizing radiation is thought to be a risk for cancer as the atoms in our cells can be altered, with the cells then reproducing in the wrong way. However, mobile phones work with non-ionizing radiation, which is not thought to be cancer inducing, at least at moderate levels.


The non-ionizing radiation of mobile phones is similar to the RF in TV and radio signals, though the frequency of the radiation if different. We are constantly exposed to this every day. Mobile phones would add little to what we already experience. The signal from a mobile phone is less than one watt, which is small compared to most electronic devices.


According to a Danish study in 2006 and 2011 [1], following mobile phone users for many years, there was no real effect on cancer rates. Most studies give similar results – either there is no effect, or there might be a minor effect.


The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) presently puts mobile phones in the 2B category, indicating that there might be a possible cancer risk. This seems low compared to Sun exposure and other environmental issues. Mobile phones are the lease of our concerns.


Mobile Phone Repairs in Campsie, Newton

If your iPhone or other mobile device is not working as it once was, have it looked at by ETS Cellular.

All Around The Eyes










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We tend to notice how our eyebrows look rather question what they do. The truth is we are not entirely sure of their function, but they certainly seem to part of our body language and facial expression. This should be underestimated. People without eyebrows notice a change in social interactions. This is both the change in facial appearance and people confusion in communications.


People who have temporarily lost eyebrows due to cancer treatment have also noticed problems with moisture getting in their eyes. The eyebrows seem to be set up to prevent the majority of moisture from the top of the head running into the eyes; the hair running horizontal to the face seems to support this idea. Avoiding moisture in the eyes is reason enough to keep eyebrows healthy.



Given how important the eyes are to us we understand how it is vital to protect them. The eyelashes are sensitive and work to trigger a fast close response with our eyes. This prevents many foreign objects causing any damage. The automatic response is far faster than any conscious reaction, necessary as air-born object can move very quickly.


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Our eyes see the world, and part of how people see us is due to our eyes. If you have any problems with your vision, eyes, or the surrounding mechanisms, talk to your optometrist.

North Korea Tours and Japan Tours


North Korea Tours

You cannot travel to North Korea without being part of a guided tour, that’s the law of the land. You literally cannot leave the group, you feel like you live on the tour bus. Two guides will show you everything that you are supposed to see, and not let you see anything that interferes with the image that they want to present to the world.  It is a very different form of travel.


Pyongyang, the capital, could almost pass for a pleasant city in another part of the world; this is misleading. It has the skyscrapers, hotels, factories and housing seen in so many places. It seems open and well-spaced. But of course this is part of what the West is expected to see. Apart from propaganda posters and statures of the president it almost looks normal. We are not meant to be aware that most of the population does not live here, and the shop fronts appear to be all closed.


Outside the capital the run-down buildings are frequent, as are buildings under construction. As this is not dwelt on by the tour group, and as asking questions doesn’t seem like a good idea, the extent of the poverty here is hard to ascertain.


What stands in contrast to this is the countryside, which looks green and impressive. This is both farmland and natural landscape. You would think that this land has the food and supplies to look the whole country. Apparently, North Korea admits to limits in its farming practice here. Not sure what to make of this situation.


The North Korea tours are very different to the Japan tours. In Japan one is aware of the foreign culture, and wary of offending the customs of those locals who are actually very likable. There is freedom of movement, but the knowledge that you are expected to already know how to act. North Korea tours, by contrast, keep you on the local straight and narrow. The rules are spelt out, and you are kept from breaking them. Then again, as much is hidden it is hard to be sure about too much in North Korea.



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Traditionally paints come in three main types:

  • Water colours – the paint we are familiar with from preschool. These tend to be light, bright and transparent. They tend to be quite thin in consistency.
  • Acrylics – these are a little thicker than watercolours, and are actually a type of plastic. They are fast drying, and though water soluble when wet they are quite water resistant when dry.
  • Oil paint – this has pigment suspended in linseed oil (though there are some variations here). This is slow drying, but continues to be popular for artwork.

There have also been other variants such as egg tempera and face paints, though these have no use in house painting.


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Enamel paint – this is a paint that dries to a hard, glossy surface. It is very rarely used for internal walls, but often appears on railings, metalwork, stairs and concrete floors. The type of finish we see on whitegoods like fridges and cooing equipment is high quality enamel.


Plasterwall/drywall Internal Paint

Interior paint tends to have one of the following finishes.

  • Flat or Matt finish – Till recently this was the most popular finish. It hides imperfections well and is reasonably easy to clean.
  • Gloss – Easy to clean, but it highlights imperfections. It tends to be a little too intense for entire walls, but has always remained popular for skirting boards, window sill and door trim.
  • Semi-gloss – this is quite tough and easy to clean, but it tends to show surface imperfections.
  • Eggshell (satin) – This is very popular, having all the imperfection hiding qualities of flat, but being easier to clean. It is the best combination of all finishes.


Ceiling paint

This is a different variation from wall paint. It is made to not reflect light (non-glossy) in order to hide imperfections or irregularities. Ceilings tend to have very little on them except light, so any unevenness will be easily visible. The white colour of the ceiling paint also serves to make the room bigger.

Ceiling paint is formulated to cause less dripping than normal wall paint. This is important for a suspended horizontal surface.

Ceiling paint does not have the easy to clean properties of wall paint. As it is exposed to far less wear and tear than walls this is hardly an issue. Kitchens, being exposed to steam and cooking grease, are an exception to this, and may benefit from other types of paints.


House Painting Services Sydney

House painters have the experience to help you achieve your desired result. Decide the colours you want, the use of the room, or if you want the look of more open space, and the professionals can recommend the right paint for the job.

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Great looking lashes are part of our beauty routine. But they don’t exist in isolation. We want great skin and hair too, and anything else that makes it all fit together. Today we will look at some skin essentials.


The basic advice that previous generations gave us tends to be mostly right. Cut back on sugar and fat while eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. We could re phrase this to say eat unprocessed food and stick to the natural variety. Processed food is mostly full of unhealthy additives, though there are exceptions.


Several health food shops sell powdered forms of beets, kale and other vegetables. This is processed, but the powders seem fine for blended drinks. Add these to breakfast, a time we usually don’t eat vegetables.


Chocolate has an undeserved reputation. This is one of the few times our parents didn’t have the full story. Processed chocolate of the past was (as often still is) full of sugar, even as the cocoa ingredient was actually good for us. Eat dark chocolate instead. It contains a lot of antioxidants and little sugar. You will feel better, have lower blood pressure, and maybe even think a little better. Raw Cacao powder is unprocessed cocoa, and it even healthier than chocolate.


Cook with healthy oil, like cold pressed olive oil. The health problems once thought to be connected to chocolate (acne, clogged pores, clogged arteries…etc.) look to have been the result of trans-fat and vegetable oil (which is not made from vegetables). Look for healthy oils, and keep them below their smoke point, the temperature where they break down. Put extra virgin olive oil on salads and watch your skin problems steadily clear.


Drink water. The most obvious thing, but essential. Our Australian water supplies tend to be quite good, so we take water for granted. Many countries are not so lucky. If you want you can buy charcoal filtering for tap water, and use a UV light for further purification. Either way, water is inexpensive, so make use of it.


Herbal teas are good. There are countless varieties. Try them and find the ones you like; or find the ones that treat the issues you have to deal with. Green tea and white tea are especially healthy; find a way to drink these daily.


Look after your skin. After all, a healthy appearance should reflect a healthy lifestyle.


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Great eyelashes make all the difference to our appearance. Our eyes are one of the first features that everybody notices. But lashes are even better when the rest us looks and feel great too.