RAINBOW EMBROIDERY – Embroidery Basics


Computer embroidery was preceded by many generations of home embroidery. As with many hobbies and practices successful embroidery required a mixture of experience and knowledge. In order to do something successfully you need to actually spend some time doing it, but you also need to know a few tricks of the trade.


Embroidery Hoops

This keeps the section of cloth constantly taunt. Without this the embroidery will have puckering; every time you pull the tread the fabric will tend to bunch up. An alternative to a hoop is the embroidery frame. Machine embroidery either uses thin plastic hoop, or occasionally another means of providing fabric tension.


The hoop should be removed before the embroidery is stored for any time, lest it leave a crease in the surrounding fabric.


Insufficient Thread.

This can be infuriating, especially if you cannot by more thread in the same colour.


Mixing fabric and thread that require different cleaning methods

Some materials require dry cleaning, lest they shrink. An embroidery pattern that shrinks when washed is a disaster.


Fabric Pens

An embroidery design should be marked with a proper fabric pen, which will easily wash off. Other pens are not suitable; Permanent markers will not wash out, and will continue to be visible if not cover by the embroidery pattern.  Other pens will leak into the surrounding fabric, ruining the work.


Displaying embroidery work near Sunlight.

All fabric will fade in the Sun, some more than others. Protect displayed work with glass (preferably UV protected), with the glass separated from the material.



Store embroidery cloth in acid free tissue paper. Each piece should be separated. Keep away from wood as this causes many materials to go yellow. Do not starch before storage as this will cause breakages along the crease. Avoid folding if an item is to be stored, unless you want the fold to be permanent. Rolling the cloth works well for some items.


Embroidery Sydney

Facilities for computerised embroidery and materials for personal embroidery projects are readily available in Sydney.



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