GOLDEN TREE – Thai Massage Epping


 Some advice on regular good feelings.

  • Breathe through your nose. This seems obvious but many people breathe through their mouth. Nose breathing increases Nitric oxide, which put us in a better mood, significantly improves our health and increases the benefits of exercise. If you can breathe through your mouth at night most snoring problems disappear.
  • Eat chocolate. Dark chocolate with minimal sugar actually lowers tooth decay, decreases weight gain and won’t cause acne. It also seems to put us in a good mood. Avoid sugary processed chocolate which really is unhealthy.
  • Value people more. There are about seven billion people in the world; don’t be limited to your own myopic view. It might be hard for the self-centred to understand, but we feel better as a small part of a large crowd in an infinite cosmos than we do as the centre of a self-created illusion.
  • Dress up to look good, whether it is classy apparel or sporty beachwear. You don’t need a reason, just be alive.
  • Find tasks that take 5 minutes, and do a few every day. It feels like you getting a lot done.
  • Laugh and Hum. These have been shown to make us feel better.
  • Use scented oils to put yourself in a better mood.
  • Get up to watch the Sun rise after a good night sleep; especially good if you have a day worth looking forward to. If you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep then watching the Sun rise will help with the next night.


Thai Massage Epping

A regular massage can make all the difference to us. Sometime we can change our lifestyle and feel better. As other times we need a massage to help deal with the things we cannot change, the inevitable  stresses and responsibilities of our existence. With the right attitude we can recognize these as a main component of life rather than a detraction from it. We should not normally be feeling the fatal stress of life and death, but the exciting stress of competitive sports or video games. Live life this way.




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