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Vegetable oil is somehow healthy?

We can see the confusion here, because vegetables usually are healthy. But what is usually labelled vegetable oil is actually made from soybean, sunflower, corn or canola, and is really quite unhealthy. Vegetable oil is very processed, so even if there was some natural benefit in the original corn or soy product there is little left except junk once it is processed and reaches our supermarket shelves. Vegetable oils are loaded with Tran’s fats, and are linked with anything from heart disease to mood disorders. They are vicious for cholesterol levels.


Olive oil and Rice bran oil look to be far more healthy alternatives. Use cold pressed virgin olive oil for salads and use rice bran or olive oil for frying. And always keep temperatures below the oil’s smoke point.


Cholesterol is bad?

We know that there is good and bad cholesterol. We should also realize that cholesterol is manufactured by the liver and is necessary for cell function. There have been major health issues in the 20th century that connect to cholesterol, but this is because of a serious balance. Cholesterol in isolation is not the issue.


Cholesterol is mainly affected by diet?

This is a little complicated, but consuming cholesterol isn’t the main problem. The amount of cholesterol in the food doesn’t seem to be the problem, but consuming unhealthy food and living an unhealthy lifestyle seems to encourage our body to produce its own cholesterol! A healthy diet is essential for healthy living and good cholesterol levels, but the amount of cholesterol in the diet is hardly an issue. We need a diet that stops our body making bad cholesterol, and encourages good cholesterol.


Fats, or saturated fats, are bad

Saturated fats from coconut are very good for us. Olive oil and fish oil, nuts and avocados contain fats necessary for our diet; without them we grow ill from lack of omega three. The real problem is processed oils and fats. Avoid processed food and vegetable oil.


Policosanol Australia

Policosanol restores a natural part of the body’s functioning, which keeps cholesterol levels balanced and healthy.


Policosanol Cuban

Research in Cuba derived Policosanol from sugar cane leaves. Unlike other cholesterol treatments it appears to have no negative side-effects.



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