• A really great set of headphones. Professionals have many, including active noise cancelling for travel, isolation for recording, HiFi listening …etc. the rest of us just get a pair that sound great.
  • Sunglasses that suit you and provide excellent UV protection.
  • A well-made suit. Either spend some time finding the perfect fitting suit or have one made or altered. It should have the right colour and cut to suit your complexion and build, and it should just feel right when you wear it.
  • A watch that really seems right for you. In this day of smartphones the watch doesn’t have to do too much, but you can wear one because you like it.
  • A really good kitchen knife. One knife can do a lot of things, and you will be using it for decades.
  • A really good frypan, one that will last for decades. You will be cooking and eating for decades. Cast iron skillets are popular right now.
  • One or two really good ties. Only worn occasionally, but worth it.
  • A pocketknife that you want to show off.
  • A personal recipe or two that can be made quickly and easily. You can impress friends and get a great reputation as a cook with very little effort.
  • A method or machine that makes coffee/tea or your beverage of choice in the way you like. Even if it’s just an old earthenware pot, it’s your beverage making method.
  • The bathrobe that always felt right.
  • Bed sheets for summer and winter; cotton and flannelette. You will appreciate them after a busy day.
  • A pair of broken in boots that you can always feel comfortable in.
  • A laptop set up is such a way that you actually like working on it.
  • A really high end collector’s edition of your favourite book or DVD.

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