IS RECYCLING – Recycling Materials

Some materials can be recycled, while others cannot.

The various materials that can be recycled must be separated. The symbols on the materials cover most recycling queries.


Many plastics are marked with a triangle containing a number. The number specifies the recycling category:



This is Polyethylene Terephthalate, a plastic used for soft drink and some household bottles. It is tough and transparent.


High density Polyethylene. A plastic that is usually a little thicker that others, and not completely transparent. It may be tinted. Used for Milk bottles, Shampoo and some lotions and cosmetics.


Polyvinyl Chloride. Hard, rigid plastic. The hardest version is used for piping, and lasts for many years.  The softer version is used for insulation on wiring and on some food bottles.


Low density Polyethylene. This soft, waxy plastic is used in squeeze bottles.

5 PP

Polypropylene. This is a semi-hard plastic, used for ice cream containers and other food storage containers, including fast food.

6 PS

Polystyrene is an extremely common material. In the expanded version (EPS) it is used for packing and safety, as well as the insides of bean bags. The non-expanded version is used for some food containers, such as margarine and yogurt. Expanded polystyrene is recyclable, but not included in council kerbside collection. It must be compressed and recycled elsewhere.

The ‘6’ category only refers to the unexpanded polystyrene.



Material not fitting into the first six categories and not collected by council clean-ups. These include acrylic, nylon and many plastic toys.


 EPS Recycling

Though Polystyrene is recyclable the expanded version (EPS) must be processed first with EPS Equipment.



Korean Red Ginseng

Ginseng has long been an ingredient in Asian medicine. It has had no end of health benefits, being prescribed for all sorts of illnesses because it helps the body heal itself. It is also been recognized for its endurance benefits; we can last much longer with some ginseng. Lately it has also been finding its way into beauty products.


Ginseng has anti-aging properties. It seems to increaser collagen, which diminishes wrinkles and firms skin. It also seems to make skin look brighter.


Of course, as soon as we start talking about anti-aging we start to encounter antioxidants. Ginseng has antioxidants galore, useful both when applied topically and when consumed.  These massively help with cell damage and renewal, and aid blood circulation.


We have always known about red Korean ginseng’s anti-inflammatory properties, and the boost it gives to metabolism and weight loss. None of this in new to those who take is orally. It’s just that most of these benefits also carry over to the skin care application of Korean Ginseng.


Anybody wishing to look and feel healthy, and possibly lose some weight in the process, can use ginseng in their diet and on their skin. Red Korean ginseng is considered the best variant of the herb, yielding the maximum health benefits.

RAINBOW EMBROIDERY – Embroidery Basics


Computer embroidery was preceded by many generations of home embroidery. As with many hobbies and practices successful embroidery required a mixture of experience and knowledge. In order to do something successfully you need to actually spend some time doing it, but you also need to know a few tricks of the trade.


Embroidery Hoops

This keeps the section of cloth constantly taunt. Without this the embroidery will have puckering; every time you pull the tread the fabric will tend to bunch up. An alternative to a hoop is the embroidery frame. Machine embroidery either uses thin plastic hoop, or occasionally another means of providing fabric tension.


The hoop should be removed before the embroidery is stored for any time, lest it leave a crease in the surrounding fabric.


Insufficient Thread.

This can be infuriating, especially if you cannot by more thread in the same colour.


Mixing fabric and thread that require different cleaning methods

Some materials require dry cleaning, lest they shrink. An embroidery pattern that shrinks when washed is a disaster.


Fabric Pens

An embroidery design should be marked with a proper fabric pen, which will easily wash off. Other pens are not suitable; Permanent markers will not wash out, and will continue to be visible if not cover by the embroidery pattern.  Other pens will leak into the surrounding fabric, ruining the work.


Displaying embroidery work near Sunlight.

All fabric will fade in the Sun, some more than others. Protect displayed work with glass (preferably UV protected), with the glass separated from the material.



Store embroidery cloth in acid free tissue paper. Each piece should be separated. Keep away from wood as this causes many materials to go yellow. Do not starch before storage as this will cause breakages along the crease. Avoid folding if an item is to be stored, unless you want the fold to be permanent. Rolling the cloth works well for some items.


Embroidery Sydney

Facilities for computerised embroidery and materials for personal embroidery projects are readily available in Sydney.


GOLDEN TREE – Thai Massage Epping


 Some advice on regular good feelings.

  • Breathe through your nose. This seems obvious but many people breathe through their mouth. Nose breathing increases Nitric oxide, which put us in a better mood, significantly improves our health and increases the benefits of exercise. If you can breathe through your mouth at night most snoring problems disappear.
  • Eat chocolate. Dark chocolate with minimal sugar actually lowers tooth decay, decreases weight gain and won’t cause acne. It also seems to put us in a good mood. Avoid sugary processed chocolate which really is unhealthy.
  • Value people more. There are about seven billion people in the world; don’t be limited to your own myopic view. It might be hard for the self-centred to understand, but we feel better as a small part of a large crowd in an infinite cosmos than we do as the centre of a self-created illusion.
  • Dress up to look good, whether it is classy apparel or sporty beachwear. You don’t need a reason, just be alive.
  • Find tasks that take 5 minutes, and do a few every day. It feels like you getting a lot done.
  • Laugh and Hum. These have been shown to make us feel better.
  • Use scented oils to put yourself in a better mood.
  • Get up to watch the Sun rise after a good night sleep; especially good if you have a day worth looking forward to. If you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep then watching the Sun rise will help with the next night.


Thai Massage Epping

A regular massage can make all the difference to us. Sometime we can change our lifestyle and feel better. As other times we need a massage to help deal with the things we cannot change, the inevitable  stresses and responsibilities of our existence. With the right attitude we can recognize these as a main component of life rather than a detraction from it. We should not normally be feeling the fatal stress of life and death, but the exciting stress of competitive sports or video games. Live life this way.




our native

Vegetable oil is somehow healthy?

We can see the confusion here, because vegetables usually are healthy. But what is usually labelled vegetable oil is actually made from soybean, sunflower, corn or canola, and is really quite unhealthy. Vegetable oil is very processed, so even if there was some natural benefit in the original corn or soy product there is little left except junk once it is processed and reaches our supermarket shelves. Vegetable oils are loaded with Tran’s fats, and are linked with anything from heart disease to mood disorders. They are vicious for cholesterol levels.


Olive oil and Rice bran oil look to be far more healthy alternatives. Use cold pressed virgin olive oil for salads and use rice bran or olive oil for frying. And always keep temperatures below the oil’s smoke point.


Cholesterol is bad?

We know that there is good and bad cholesterol. We should also realize that cholesterol is manufactured by the liver and is necessary for cell function. There have been major health issues in the 20th century that connect to cholesterol, but this is because of a serious balance. Cholesterol in isolation is not the issue.


Cholesterol is mainly affected by diet?

This is a little complicated, but consuming cholesterol isn’t the main problem. The amount of cholesterol in the food doesn’t seem to be the problem, but consuming unhealthy food and living an unhealthy lifestyle seems to encourage our body to produce its own cholesterol! A healthy diet is essential for healthy living and good cholesterol levels, but the amount of cholesterol in the diet is hardly an issue. We need a diet that stops our body making bad cholesterol, and encourages good cholesterol.


Fats, or saturated fats, are bad

Saturated fats from coconut are very good for us. Olive oil and fish oil, nuts and avocados contain fats necessary for our diet; without them we grow ill from lack of omega three. The real problem is processed oils and fats. Avoid processed food and vegetable oil.


Policosanol Australia

Policosanol restores a natural part of the body’s functioning, which keeps cholesterol levels balanced and healthy.


Policosanol Cuban

Research in Cuba derived Policosanol from sugar cane leaves. Unlike other cholesterol treatments it appears to have no negative side-effects.



Try a walking tour of Sydney. Starting at Circular Quay, the train, bus and ferry station, you can see the Opera house and Harbour Bridge. It is only a short walk past the bridge to the Rocks area, where Sydney was first foundered. This is famous for its markets, art-works, eateries and historic buildings.


In the other direction from the Rocks, past the Opera house, are the Sydney Botanic Gardens.  Established 200 years ago the area was once home to a zoo and an exhibition area, but is now dedicated to gardens and some local animal wildlife.


Those individuals not comfortable exploring on their own can try a free tour. There are free walking tours starting at Town Hall Square at 10:30am and 2:30pm every day (just outside Town Hall Train station) and a free walking tour of the Rocks starting at 6pm outside Cadman’s cottage. Donations are welcomed.


Tired of walking?

The Red explorer bus is focused on Sydney site seeing. Including Circular Quay as part of its route it allows passengers to get on and off as many time as they like on a one or two day trip.


Take a day tour of Sydney to see the popular sites. Then try a little exploring on you own. The popular sites are popular for a reason, but there are always the lesser known cafes, museum, beaches and other sites that are worth a half day visit.


  • A really great set of headphones. Professionals have many, including active noise cancelling for travel, isolation for recording, HiFi listening …etc. the rest of us just get a pair that sound great.
  • Sunglasses that suit you and provide excellent UV protection.
  • A well-made suit. Either spend some time finding the perfect fitting suit or have one made or altered. It should have the right colour and cut to suit your complexion and build, and it should just feel right when you wear it.
  • A watch that really seems right for you. In this day of smartphones the watch doesn’t have to do too much, but you can wear one because you like it.
  • A really good kitchen knife. One knife can do a lot of things, and you will be using it for decades.
  • A really good frypan, one that will last for decades. You will be cooking and eating for decades. Cast iron skillets are popular right now.
  • One or two really good ties. Only worn occasionally, but worth it.
  • A pocketknife that you want to show off.
  • A personal recipe or two that can be made quickly and easily. You can impress friends and get a great reputation as a cook with very little effort.
  • A method or machine that makes coffee/tea or your beverage of choice in the way you like. Even if it’s just an old earthenware pot, it’s your beverage making method.
  • The bathrobe that always felt right.
  • Bed sheets for summer and winter; cotton and flannelette. You will appreciate them after a busy day.
  • A pair of broken in boots that you can always feel comfortable in.
  • A laptop set up is such a way that you actually like working on it.
  • A really high end collector’s edition of your favourite book or DVD.