There is some concern about radiation and the effect is may have upon us.


Radiation is the transmit ion of energy as particles or waves. Broadly speaking this includes light and heat, as well as UV light and X-Rays. Every day we are all exposed to small amounts of UV and gamma radiation (which we can think of as identical to X-rays for this discussion); this is a natural part of the environment and cannot be completely avoided in any practical way. Australia has relatively low levels of radiation compared to some parts of the world.


North Ryde X-Rays

X-rays use very high frequency radiation to form an internal image of the human body, or of another object. The X-rays penetrates solid and liquid matter to different degrees depending on their density. The resulting image shows the contrast between dense and less dense material as light and dark tones.


The amount of exposure from a single X-ray is higher than the amount of background radiation we are normally exposed to, but not by any great amount.  A Dental X-ray is equivalent to one standard day’s exposure to radiation. A chest X-ray is equivalent to several days’ exposure.


Spending time in the Sun without protection increases the chance of serious skin problems from UV radiation. This is a greater risk than almost any medial radiation. Air travel also increases radiation exposure, but only by a moderate amount. The average person is exposed to between 3-6mSv of radiation per year, including medical X-rays. Professional pilots receive an extra 2.2Msv per year.


North Ryde Ultrasound

Ultrasound uses a technology quite different to x-rays and CAT scans. It is based on soundwaves, but at a frequency much higher than humans can hear. Any radiation from Ultrasound is quite insignificant, comparable to most household electrical equipment.


North Ryde Radiology

Radiology is useful for examining the human body and any suspected problems. The medical information about the patient is thought to far outweigh the possible effects of the short-term radiation exposure


North Ryde Medical Imaging

Some medical imaging procedures such as X-rays and CT scans do use radiation, but the amounts are quite low. Other imaging systems such as ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging have no real radiation involved.







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