Customers pay to be locked in a room. We know there is always more to a statement like that. Escape rooms appeal to the same part of us that like mysteries, puzzles and computer games; it is the same part of us that finds them frustrating. It’s not so much that we like mysteries as the fact we hate leaving them unsolved. Then again, we pay to be put in the escape room before we know what the mystery will be. Maybe we do like mysteries; maybe there is a meta-mystery – what are escapes rooms like.


Escape rooms vary a lot in scenario and detail, but they have a similar underlying premise. A small group of people, two to ten individuals, are put in a room that is metaphorically or literally locked. In order to get out they must pieces together clues and solve a series of puzzles. These puzzles and clues all connect to a theme that pervades the room. Themes vary from dungeons with Zombies to Sherlock Holmes mysteries or spy scenarios. Lateral thinking, logic, analytical approaches and many other type of crime solving techniques are required. There is no prize other than the satisfaction of figuring out the mystery in the allotted time available, usually about an hour.


Escape Room Game Sydney

CT Adventure is presently running two different escape room adventures in Sydney. Unlike some other escape rooms, where the object is only to unlock the exit door, these rooms are set us as a quest; you either steal a museum treasure or abduct an item guarded by a monster. These quest game rooms are popular for either friendly entertainment or team building exercises for companies. Booking is essential.






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