There is advertising that just gets the company colours on display. Your company car advertises the business.


Then there is Guerrilla advertising that uses creative (and often less expensive) means to reach the audience. Your hot dog company has a car that looks like a hot dog.


Then there is decoration for the sake of decoration. Your car looks like a Salvador Dali painting.


Some recent vehicle wrapping ideas that we liked the look of.

  • Sports cars with a metallic finish, especially gold.
  • A truck that looks like a large aquarium.
  • A truck that looks like a large candy bar. All the better when they manufacture and transport that brand of candy.
  • Anything that makes a car look like a vehicle from the Mad Max series.
  • Garage doors that look like a fancy car is parked inside.
  • A flexi-bus made to look like an accordion.
  • A radio station van that looks like a giant radio.
  • An advertisement on a bus that looks like a snake is wrapped around the vehicle.
  • Anything that looks like a giant shark or monster.
  • Anything with cartoon characters, superheros or the vehicles


Vehicle Wrapping Illawarra

A vehicle warp is about the creativity of the design. A plain design and a truly outlandish one may both have the same printing cost. The difficulty is coming up with the unique design idea.


Car Vinyl Wrap Illawarra

Talk to the car wrap specialists. There are more than a few ideas to spark you creative juices. A good design is as inspiring for the business employees as it is for the potential customers.


Signs Illawarra.

Signs can just be the company logos, or they can be something outlandish. Think outside the box, and have a sign that reflects the company and gets a customer’s attention


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