light heart wedding

A few tools make wedding photography and wedding videography a little better.


TAPE: Film sets and concerts use gaffer tape, but real cloth gaffer tape is pricey. An alternative is scotch tape. There are also a few cheap versions of gaff available. Use these from time to time to hols anything in place.

LENS PUFFER: A simple device that blows air across the camera lens to remove dust. They last for years and you will use it several times a day. Much simpler than other cleaning methods.

MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTHS: When there is more than dust on the lens a microfiber cloth will get rid of grease and fingerprints. Gets rid of bacteria too. SPUDZ brand has one that retracts into a pouch.

LENS PEN: Another lens cleaning product. This soaks up grease and smudges.

MINI SPRING CLAMPS: Hold up signs, or cables to tripods. Use them to tie up curtains. Some short lengths of rope are useful too.

A MONOPOD:  Tripods are great, but a little bulky. When you need to hold the camera super steady a monopod works really well and is much less bulky than a tripod. Many retract into a very small space.

FLUID LEVEL: We should be going by how the photo looks straight, but an indication of objective level is good too. Devices that mount on the top of the camera are convenient.

BATTERY CHARGER: You should have as many spare batteries as possible. But you can also charge some spare batteries while you take the photos. There are now solar chargers built into camera straps, so you leave the battery in the camera bag and let them charge.

SHOES: Stylish but super comfortable shoes that can be worn all day. You have to look slick and professional at a wedding, but you will be wearing the same shoes for 12 hours. If you can find footwear that looks formal and feels comfortable, buy several pairs. The same goes for socks – take a spare pair with you.

POCKET FLASHLIGHT: from time to time you will have to crawl behind curtains looking for a power-point, search for a dropped item in dim light or basically need a flashlight for something.

PRISM LENS: A block of transparent material that separates white light into a rainbow spectrum; think of that pink Floyd cover. Once you have one you will find creative ways to use it.

COLLAPSIBLE REFLECTOR: Reflect some light onto you subject and soften shadows. Some of these reflectors give you silver, gold or white surfaces to reflect from. Collapsible just make it all that more portable. You can also use it strategically to stop reflections.

PORTABLE SHADE: Just having a cloth over the top of the camera makes all the difference in hot sunny weather.



  • Eye drops
  • Aspirin or something similar.
  • Caffeine/Ginseng or some stimulant.
  • Spare memory. It’s quite cheap and very small, so have plenty of it.


Wedding photographers benefit from the extra tools. Even if the tools are hardly used it just makes the experience better; like you have all the equipment, you are prepared for anything, and you’re really taking the job seriously.


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