Water Damage Carpet Perth

Wet carpet is open to many problems. The worst of these problems is mould, which has a terrible impact on health and quickly destroys the fibres of the carpet. Another issue is carpet browning.

Browning is an odd phenomenon that turns the top tip of the carpet fibre a dark brown colour. This is caused by water evaporating up through the carpet. As the water moves upward through the fibres it brings dirt and contaminants with it. The water evaporates at the top most point of the carpet, leaving the dirt and contaminant behind, causing the brown stain.

This contaminants coming to the surface of the carpet have two origins. One if the contaminants in the water; the other is contaminants deep within the carpet itself. Anything buried deep in the carpet is hard to see.  It becomes all too apparent when it is left on top.

Water Flood Damage Carpet Perth

In many ways flood water is the worst damage of all. Not only is the water from outside unclean, but the damage is often not covered by insurance. Many water damaged carpets must be completely replaced.

Carpet Water Damage Perth

Water damaged carpet that is promptly treated has the best chance of full recovery. Professional treatment is cost effective way to restore any carpets.


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