• Put a pencil or pen between your teeth to help relax; this is so effective that it can cure headaches. It also tends to make you smile, if not make other smile as you look a little silly.
  • Body language is linked to mood. It is hard to stand on one leg and wave your arms in the air and still fell completely depressed. Perhaps best done in private or in the anonymity of a dance party. If this is too much, you can still feel good standing with good posture.
  • Wear yellow tinted glasses, especially in winter. The world looks like a glossy postcard.
  • Cut right back on stimulants like caffeine and use endurance substances like Ginseng (maybe as tea). Endurance is better than short term boosts and crashes.
  • Compliment others. You don’t need a reason, just sincerity. Use a text if you wish. This takes the focus off you and puts it on someone else.
  • Help others, this also lets you see beyond yourself.
  • Reread the books you read in primary school, especially anything that stands out in your memory
  • Experiences are better than possessions, especially when shared with friends. Anticipation of an event is good, so is fulfilment.
  • Owning a musical instrument is one thing; jamming with friends or performing is better.
  • Watch the Sunrise each morning. Feels like life is just beginning. Great for circadian rhythms, so you sleep better that night. This takes several days to work.
  • Get up early and watch cartoons. Feel like children with life all ahead of them
  • Read humour, watch comedy that really makes you laugh. This even helps you immune system.
  • Chewing gum calms nerves. Be wary of sugar or artificial sweeteners though.
  • If you are meeting new people, or going to an interview, anticipate this as meeting old friends. If you act this way you will be more sociable and likable.
  • Anxiety is not too far from courage. Throw yourself into the situation, but always keep your wits about you.
  • Put on the best clothes you have, just so it feels like a special occasion.
  • Eat a clementine. This seems to boost mood.
  • Light a vanilla scented candle, which also seem to brighten mood. Remember safety.
  • Cuddle a pet
  • Abstain from some favourite food and reintroduce it a week later.
  • Not really a hack, but eat healthy food and do exercise to stay healthy. Have an allergy test and see if that is holding you back.
  • Be social with people you really connect with. Enjoy silence and meditate/pray at least once per day.

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