There is advertising that just gets the company colours on display. Your company car advertises the business.


Then there is Guerrilla advertising that uses creative (and often less expensive) means to reach the audience. Your hot dog company has a car that looks like a hot dog.


Then there is decoration for the sake of decoration. Your car looks like a Salvador Dali painting.


Some recent vehicle wrapping ideas that we liked the look of.

  • Sports cars with a metallic finish, especially gold.
  • A truck that looks like a large aquarium.
  • A truck that looks like a large candy bar. All the better when they manufacture and transport that brand of candy.
  • Anything that makes a car look like a vehicle from the Mad Max series.
  • Garage doors that look like a fancy car is parked inside.
  • A flexi-bus made to look like an accordion.
  • A radio station van that looks like a giant radio.
  • An advertisement on a bus that looks like a snake is wrapped around the vehicle.
  • Anything that looks like a giant shark or monster.
  • Anything with cartoon characters, superheros or the vehicles


Vehicle Wrapping Illawarra

A vehicle warp is about the creativity of the design. A plain design and a truly outlandish one may both have the same printing cost. The difficulty is coming up with the unique design idea.


Car Vinyl Wrap Illawarra

Talk to the car wrap specialists. There are more than a few ideas to spark you creative juices. A good design is as inspiring for the business employees as it is for the potential customers.


Signs Illawarra.

Signs can just be the company logos, or they can be something outlandish. Think outside the box, and have a sign that reflects the company and gets a customer’s attention



light heart wedding

A few tools make wedding photography and wedding videography a little better.


TAPE: Film sets and concerts use gaffer tape, but real cloth gaffer tape is pricey. An alternative is scotch tape. There are also a few cheap versions of gaff available. Use these from time to time to hols anything in place.

LENS PUFFER: A simple device that blows air across the camera lens to remove dust. They last for years and you will use it several times a day. Much simpler than other cleaning methods.

MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTHS: When there is more than dust on the lens a microfiber cloth will get rid of grease and fingerprints. Gets rid of bacteria too. SPUDZ brand has one that retracts into a pouch.

LENS PEN: Another lens cleaning product. This soaks up grease and smudges.

MINI SPRING CLAMPS: Hold up signs, or cables to tripods. Use them to tie up curtains. Some short lengths of rope are useful too.

A MONOPOD:  Tripods are great, but a little bulky. When you need to hold the camera super steady a monopod works really well and is much less bulky than a tripod. Many retract into a very small space.

FLUID LEVEL: We should be going by how the photo looks straight, but an indication of objective level is good too. Devices that mount on the top of the camera are convenient.

BATTERY CHARGER: You should have as many spare batteries as possible. But you can also charge some spare batteries while you take the photos. There are now solar chargers built into camera straps, so you leave the battery in the camera bag and let them charge.

SHOES: Stylish but super comfortable shoes that can be worn all day. You have to look slick and professional at a wedding, but you will be wearing the same shoes for 12 hours. If you can find footwear that looks formal and feels comfortable, buy several pairs. The same goes for socks – take a spare pair with you.

POCKET FLASHLIGHT: from time to time you will have to crawl behind curtains looking for a power-point, search for a dropped item in dim light or basically need a flashlight for something.

PRISM LENS: A block of transparent material that separates white light into a rainbow spectrum; think of that pink Floyd cover. Once you have one you will find creative ways to use it.

COLLAPSIBLE REFLECTOR: Reflect some light onto you subject and soften shadows. Some of these reflectors give you silver, gold or white surfaces to reflect from. Collapsible just make it all that more portable. You can also use it strategically to stop reflections.

PORTABLE SHADE: Just having a cloth over the top of the camera makes all the difference in hot sunny weather.



  • Eye drops
  • Aspirin or something similar.
  • Caffeine/Ginseng or some stimulant.
  • Spare memory. It’s quite cheap and very small, so have plenty of it.


Wedding photographers benefit from the extra tools. Even if the tools are hardly used it just makes the experience better; like you have all the equipment, you are prepared for anything, and you’re really taking the job seriously.


Alteration fit into two general categories- alterations made to fit the individual, and alterations made for stylistic reasons.


Alterations for fit are fairly common. They were more common a few generations ago when cheap clothing wasn’t so readily available. Today it is too easy to find and buy something that already fits. And if a cheap item doesn’t fit it seems odd to pay money to have it altered; the alteration cost might be comparable to the cost of the cheap clothing.


Alterations are made for clothing items that are well worth having. Celebrities can afford to have their every item custom fitted or altered, even their strategically worn-out jeans. The rest of us have to either spend good money and find the exact right item off the shelf, or else have a few good garments adjusted to our size.


The first criteria for clothes is finding your colour. If this isn’t right you have an uphill battle, and though you can dye clothing it usually isn’t a cost effective way to go. Get the colour right.


One you have the right colour you should look at the style. Don’t be analytical here; go with what intuitively feels right. If it doesn’t fit, it can be altered.


If clothes are cheaply made any alterations are usually not worth it. Buy inexpensive clothes to wear around the house, but anything that requires a social appearance of a photo qualifies for some better looking garments. This doesn’t mean formal, but it means something that just seems to look correct on your body.


Altering the clothes is something of an art, akin to optical illusions. By making sleeves shorter, legs thinner, or changing the waist of a jacket it is possible to give the illusion that the person is thinner, taller or better proportioned. An obese person can never look skinny, but they can neat and attractive with wide shoulders on the right garments. When done well any alterations look natural, both as part of the clothing and in the way they fit the person


Alterations possible include:

Shorten sleeves or leggings

Lengthen (take down hem by adding similar or contrasting fabric)

Making the legs slimmer

Narrowing the sides

Broadening shoulders, possibly with pads.

Take in or let out the waist)

Tack down pleats

Add hooks, Velcro or snaps to wrap-style dresses

Take in sleeves on dresses

Add sleeves (in same or contrasting fabric)

Take up dress at shoulder to make less low-cut


If garments are chosen so that the widest part of our build is accommodated the rest can usually be altered to fit us well.


Alteration Sydney

Talk to you alteration specialist to see what is possible.



Water Damage Carpet Perth

Wet carpet is open to many problems. The worst of these problems is mould, which has a terrible impact on health and quickly destroys the fibres of the carpet. Another issue is carpet browning.

Browning is an odd phenomenon that turns the top tip of the carpet fibre a dark brown colour. This is caused by water evaporating up through the carpet. As the water moves upward through the fibres it brings dirt and contaminants with it. The water evaporates at the top most point of the carpet, leaving the dirt and contaminant behind, causing the brown stain.

This contaminants coming to the surface of the carpet have two origins. One if the contaminants in the water; the other is contaminants deep within the carpet itself. Anything buried deep in the carpet is hard to see.  It becomes all too apparent when it is left on top.

Water Flood Damage Carpet Perth

In many ways flood water is the worst damage of all. Not only is the water from outside unclean, but the damage is often not covered by insurance. Many water damaged carpets must be completely replaced.

Carpet Water Damage Perth

Water damaged carpet that is promptly treated has the best chance of full recovery. Professional treatment is cost effective way to restore any carpets.



  • Put a pencil or pen between your teeth to help relax; this is so effective that it can cure headaches. It also tends to make you smile, if not make other smile as you look a little silly.
  • Body language is linked to mood. It is hard to stand on one leg and wave your arms in the air and still fell completely depressed. Perhaps best done in private or in the anonymity of a dance party. If this is too much, you can still feel good standing with good posture.
  • Wear yellow tinted glasses, especially in winter. The world looks like a glossy postcard.
  • Cut right back on stimulants like caffeine and use endurance substances like Ginseng (maybe as tea). Endurance is better than short term boosts and crashes.
  • Compliment others. You don’t need a reason, just sincerity. Use a text if you wish. This takes the focus off you and puts it on someone else.
  • Help others, this also lets you see beyond yourself.
  • Reread the books you read in primary school, especially anything that stands out in your memory
  • Experiences are better than possessions, especially when shared with friends. Anticipation of an event is good, so is fulfilment.
  • Owning a musical instrument is one thing; jamming with friends or performing is better.
  • Watch the Sunrise each morning. Feels like life is just beginning. Great for circadian rhythms, so you sleep better that night. This takes several days to work.
  • Get up early and watch cartoons. Feel like children with life all ahead of them
  • Read humour, watch comedy that really makes you laugh. This even helps you immune system.
  • Chewing gum calms nerves. Be wary of sugar or artificial sweeteners though.
  • If you are meeting new people, or going to an interview, anticipate this as meeting old friends. If you act this way you will be more sociable and likable.
  • Anxiety is not too far from courage. Throw yourself into the situation, but always keep your wits about you.
  • Put on the best clothes you have, just so it feels like a special occasion.
  • Eat a clementine. This seems to boost mood.
  • Light a vanilla scented candle, which also seem to brighten mood. Remember safety.
  • Cuddle a pet
  • Abstain from some favourite food and reintroduce it a week later.
  • Not really a hack, but eat healthy food and do exercise to stay healthy. Have an allergy test and see if that is holding you back.
  • Be social with people you really connect with. Enjoy silence and meditate/pray at least once per day.


What is productivity exactly? It is tempting to say that it is hard to define, but I know it when is see it. But even that is misleading. We may see something as being productive, only to realise latter that it achieved very little. We would do well to have a good definition, a good yardstick, to measure our businesses by; yet we must be careful, as a false definition could completely mislead us.

Definitions are meant to make matter easier to understand. But it is a trap to assume that an easy to understand definition is always an accurate one. It is easy to compare dollars spent per hour, and think fewer dollars is better; but this is not productivity. It is just as easy, but far more accurate, to compare dollars spent versus products and services produced. If productivity has a formula it is how much output there is for over the input.

Sometime the lines between definitions get blurred. We could push the labourers to achieve more with the time they have, and if they do achieve more there is increased productivity. This fits both the ‘dollars per hour’ understanding of productivity; it also fits the ‘dollars compared to how much is produced’ concept or productivity, provided there is an improvement. But the ‘dollars per hour’ tends to look at how hard people work, and give this as increases productivity even if there is the same end result. The ‘dollars compared to productivity’ is a better indication of the situation; this simply say; we made a change, and produced more – that is productivity.

But it is misleading to think that working harder is the key, and misleading to think that this will always yield an improvement. As IBM have said: work smarter, not harder! If you can find a better way to organize a company or system, if you find a better technology, then you may achieve more with the same resource and time spent. That increases productivity, just supplying more product or services.

ICER OCEANIA – Tyre and Brake Advice Part 1

Icer Oceania - Tyre and Brake

Tyres will lose pressure over time, so check them on a regular basis. Checking pressure once or twice per month is probably not a bad habit. As pressure is affected by heat the tyre pressure should be measure when cold. The manufacture’s recommended pressure should be given in the owners; manual and may be written on the inside of the Driver’s door.

Wheel balancing and wheel alignment are often confused: your car needs both.

  • Wheel balancing optimizes each wheel in isolation. A perfect wheel would rotate on the exact centre and have its weight evenly distributed; wheel balancing may attach weights to a tyre in order to bring it nearer to optimal performance. This process looks at a wheel’s performance in isolation.


  • Wheel alignment looks at how the four wheels work together. Wheels are aligned in accordance with the manufacture’s specifications. This usually means the wheels are parallel to each other, a situation that reduces uneven wear and prevents the vehicle drifting to one side. Vehicles used for rugged terrain or racing may have their wheel aligned is a different manner to well performing road vehicles.

Check the depth of the tread. The minimum to be road worth is 1.6 mm, but performance is compromised as the tread diminishes, especially in wet weather. Also check to see that the tread wear is even; uneven wear means alignment or balancing needs attention.

All four wheels are usually identical. On some cars the front and rear tyres are different, but the tyres on each axle are always identical.

Brake Pads

Brakes can be made to last longer, while maintaining good performance, with good driving technique.