AAA Cleaning - Holiday break

Office Cleaning Services

If you go on extended leave you will need to get your office carpets looked after. This isn’t complex, but it must be thorough. Most people assume they will need to get the carpets cleaned before they return because of accumulating dust; others think that not having any people in the office means there will be no one to create a mess. Both of these are misconceptions. If the office is locked off for an extended period the rooms will grow state. Having the area professional cleaned after the last day of work will minimize, if not remove, any issues.

The whole office should be given a thorough vacuum. This is probably a good time for a steam clean as the carpet will not have any traffic for a few weeks. Using a HEPA fine filter to clean the air is a good idea.

An easily dismissed idea is problems with spills on the carpet. But if there was an office Christmas party before the break the carpet will almost certainly have an issue or two. As always, any stains must be cleaned up as soon as possible. Advise your cleaners if you have noticed any problems. There is a different method for cleaning each type of stain.

Coming back to the house or office only to find something rotting in the fridge is an old cliché, but it still happens. Check this, and also check the kitchen sink and garbage disposal. It is easier to prevent the issues than clean them up later.

All electrical devices (except for the fridge) should be physically unplugged. The power they use is only minor, but an electrical storm can easily damage them. Make sure the air conditioning and thermostat aren’t going to automatically operate while you are away. If there is a water heater (that others don’t use) you might be able to put it on vacation mode.

Try leaving some bleach in the toilet. Half a cup of bleach will make sure the bowl is as clean as it can be before you return.

You might leave some cupboards open if you want to air them out.

Always set up security features. Some people leave lights and a radio in a timer, though the thieves expect that these days. Do anything required to make the office safer.

Vacation office cleaning services

Hire the professional to clean the office. If you are going away for any length of time advise the cleaners. Have a once of thorough cleaning and cancel the cleaning till you come back.


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