Avoid most problems when travelling

Do some research on your destination. Google travel advice for individual countries and consider not going if there is a civil war or serious issue there.

Do some research on local customs and laws. The last thing you want is to needlessly break some law and end up in custody. Some countries have strict rules about unmarried couples and homosexual behaviour. It is better to change destinations than break these rules.

Learn some of the foreign language if possible. An app or translation device could make a lot of difference.

Water and food need to be looked into. Will you need to use bottled water? Will it be easy to buy food that won’t aggravate some allergy? If you can buy food the way the locals buy food it will work out cheaper than eating out.

Consider renting a mobile phone overseas. Access to Google maps could prove invaluable. If you do take your own phone, find out the cost of using it overseas- it may prove expensive.

Have some way to hold passports and valuables safely, like a hidden money belt. Leave non-essential items at home. Use items you can afford to lose. Buy a cheap watch, rent a local phone.

Take a note of passport and credit card numbers. These are invaluable if the items are stolen. If you do use your mobile, take photos of you documents. Post photos of documents on the internet (email them to yourself) in case the phone gets stolen.

Look at what particular inoculations you will need. Some vaccines need a few weeks to reach full potential.

Avoid free Wifi, or at least don’t use confidential information like credit card numbers or passwords. There will be people looking to hack accounts.

Get travel insurance. Pray you never need it, but you will be glad if the situation forces you to make a claim.

 Airport Transfers

Arrange airport transfers in advance. Any reasonable hotel they should be able to arrange this for you. There will always be scammers and con-artists at the airport who target tourists. The hotel shuttle is the safest option; after that, the airline might have a few options.

Arrange an airport transfer to Sydney airport, and a transfer home after the return flight. You will be glad of it on both occasions.


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