Socks Online

Unlike many clothing items that require an exact fit a pair of socks can be satisfactorily ordered with information give online. If you know the right size it’s just a matter of finding the right type of sock.

Dress Socks

Actually the type of sock you wear most often, the casual and dress sock are virtually synonymous. These are usually neutral or darker in colour and have either straightforward patterns or no pattern at all. They are usually low cut, designed to keep the foot comfortable, and last reasonably well. Most of the time they are hidden under trousers, but even when unseen it is considered good form to match their colour to the suit or clothing worn.

Business socks or casual socks are basically the same as dress socks.

 Sports socks

As the name implies these sock are worn at the Gym, while hiking, or while playing sports. As a sport is about sweat, exertion and endurance the socks are designed to be fairly rugged and make the wearer reasonably comfortable. Part of this comfit is the thicker padding; part is the soaking up of sweet. Posts socks come in long and short varieties.

Protective socks

These are similar to sports socks, but more extreme. Imagine a pair of socks that stand up to several days hiking. Though not used often these socks are great under certain circumstances.

No socks/low cut socks

A latter development, these small socks just cover the area inside the shoe. You have the benefit of a comfortable sock, but the look of no socks.

Compression Socks

Designed to help blood flow problems in the feet. Doctors recommend them for some circulation conditions, but many people use them on long flights.

Order socks online for an economical buy.


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