AAA CLEANING – End of Lease Cleaning Sydney

What Items Should Leave Behind

Moving house is stressful, but it has its healthy side. We do tend to get rid of accumulated items of dubious value. Most people aren’t serious hoarders, but neither are they completely free of superfluous items. When we decide to move it is an opportunity to purge a little. Of course, it is a problem deciding what to discard.

Clothing: Top of the list because it’s usually the hardest decision. Items you wear on a regular basis must be retained. A few pieces of formal wear will probably need to be kept too; expensive, formal items are only used once or twice a year, but they are indispensible when they are needed. At the same time, one good fitting tuxedo is worthwhile; three formal suits are probably going to waste.

There are also the bulk items some people have. If you have a draw full of socks (in my case a draw full of identical socks) then keep any that are wearable. If they get used over time, then they are worth keeping.

Items that you always mean to fix are something of a dilemma. If they are expensive, keep them. If not, it might be best to discard them.

Paper records. You won’t die without your tax receipts and bills, but it might be a good idea to scan them to digital storage. Throw out the paper bulk and have a few digital copies in case you do need them for an audit.

Hidden Belonging: There’s always something under the stairwell and in the attic. Keep heirlooms and thrown out anything generic.

Bathroom laundry items. Half of what is stored in the bathroom cabinet became useless years ago. You will need toothpaste and basic products in your new house; get rid of the rest.

Photos: If there is one irreplaceable item on this list it is family photos. Never throw out any photo. It might be a good idea to scan them and have a digital copy. Keep digital copies on cd and online.

Sentimental items: If it has sentimental value you should keep it.

Look at items in terms of their bulk. Is it worth taking an old matress? Consider upgrading items

Unwanted items can either be disposed of, listed on eBay, or given to charitable causes.

End of Lease Cleaning Sydney

As for end of lease cleaning, do get things professionally cleaned. Never leave behind anything that the next owner doesn’t want. Spare tiles and carpet, and maybe the outdoor furniture are about the only things the next owner might appreciate. Anything else and your bond money might suffer.


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