For Dual Nationality Travellers:

Some individuals are considered citizens of two countries. This can effect legal and diplomatic arrangements. Dual citizenship can also affect consular assistance from Australia.

You could be considered dual citizen if:

  • If your parents were born overseas.
  • Your marriage partner has foreign citizenship
  • Individuals born overseas to Australian parents may have citizenship of that country.
  • Foreigners who acquired Australia citizenship may still have citizenship in their country of birth.

Australian citizens should use there Australian passport whenever they leave the country. It is possible for dual citizens to travel overseas on a passport from another country, but this can affect consular relations. An Australian consulate may not be able to help a citizen if they did not enter another country on their Australian passport.

Some countries impose military service on dual citizenship travellers. Consulates may have very limited authority here. Before travelling check with the embassy or consulate of the country you plan to visit, and get all information in writing. It may be best to avoid travel if a country has any grounds for imposing military service.

It is possible for dual national citizens to be charged under laws of their own country, even if the act was committed outside that country. It is best to both seek legal advice and consult the foreign countries consulate/embassy before you leave Australia.

Child custody can be an issue if another country regards the child as one of their citizens. This can lead to serious custody disputes; all matters should be resolved before the child enters any country that might have any claim to citizenship.

Persons who have been expelled from their country or origin may not be allowed to enter that country, even if they do have an Australian passport. The legal situation should be confirmed with the destination country before departure. Get any relavent information from the country in writing.

Always take out travel insurance; even if you have citizenship in a country you are visiting you may not be eligible for health coverage. Some countries simply do not have health coverage.

For further information:

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