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Office Cleaning Services

If you go on extended leave you will need to get your office carpets looked after. This isn’t complex, but it must be thorough. Most people assume they will need to get the carpets cleaned before they return because of accumulating dust; others think that not having any people in the office means there will be no one to create a mess. Both of these are misconceptions. If the office is locked off for an extended period the rooms will grow state. Having the area professional cleaned after the last day of work will minimize, if not remove, any issues.

The whole office should be given a thorough vacuum. This is probably a good time for a steam clean as the carpet will not have any traffic for a few weeks. Using a HEPA fine filter to clean the air is a good idea.

An easily dismissed idea is problems with spills on the carpet. But if there was an office Christmas party before the break the carpet will almost certainly have an issue or two. As always, any stains must be cleaned up as soon as possible. Advise your cleaners if you have noticed any problems. There is a different method for cleaning each type of stain.

Coming back to the house or office only to find something rotting in the fridge is an old cliché, but it still happens. Check this, and also check the kitchen sink and garbage disposal. It is easier to prevent the issues than clean them up later.

All electrical devices (except for the fridge) should be physically unplugged. The power they use is only minor, but an electrical storm can easily damage them. Make sure the air conditioning and thermostat aren’t going to automatically operate while you are away. If there is a water heater (that others don’t use) you might be able to put it on vacation mode.

Try leaving some bleach in the toilet. Half a cup of bleach will make sure the bowl is as clean as it can be before you return.

You might leave some cupboards open if you want to air them out.

Always set up security features. Some people leave lights and a radio in a timer, though the thieves expect that these days. Do anything required to make the office safer.

Vacation office cleaning services

Hire the professional to clean the office. If you are going away for any length of time advise the cleaners. Have a once of thorough cleaning and cancel the cleaning till you come back.



House piping for water tends to come in metal or non-metal varieties. This basically translates to conductive and non-conductive piping, as metals conduct and most other materials generally do not. As such metal piping installed by pipe cladding companies is often used for electrical grounding.

Or course the conductivity of a material is on a continuum; Metals conduct well, but some are better than others. Most other materials insulate (i.e.: do not conduct), but even this is a matter of degree and situation. Many materials will conduct very slightly, and substances like water will have some conductivity if there are any impurities; and water almost always has some impurities.

The copper piping in homes is often used to ground the house, because copper is an extremely good conductor. Grounding the house is necessary to reduce risks or electrical faults or lightning strikes. Properly grounded metal stays as the same voltage as the outside ground, nominally zero.

Electrical current will only flow if there is a difference between the voltages of two objects, and if they are connected by a conducting material. The human body has some conductivity, which means touching two surfaces of different voltages will cause some current to flow. In the case of higher voltages (like mains power) this can quickly prove fatal.

The metal pipe connecting the house to the earth should keep the house at the same voltage as the earth. If lightning strikes the house the copper piping, and anything joined to it, should provide the most direct way to completer the electrical signal, and short it out to earth. Lightning strikes are short, but in the brief time they strike the metal piping in the house should be avoided. Avoid all inbuilt metal surfaces in a house during a storm, including sinks, electrical good and piping.

Pipe Cladding Companies

Metal piping in houses serves an important safety function in grounding the house, but is must be avoided during electrical storms.


Avoid most problems when travelling

Do some research on your destination. Google travel advice for individual countries and consider not going if there is a civil war or serious issue there.

Do some research on local customs and laws. The last thing you want is to needlessly break some law and end up in custody. Some countries have strict rules about unmarried couples and homosexual behaviour. It is better to change destinations than break these rules.

Learn some of the foreign language if possible. An app or translation device could make a lot of difference.

Water and food need to be looked into. Will you need to use bottled water? Will it be easy to buy food that won’t aggravate some allergy? If you can buy food the way the locals buy food it will work out cheaper than eating out.

Consider renting a mobile phone overseas. Access to Google maps could prove invaluable. If you do take your own phone, find out the cost of using it overseas- it may prove expensive.

Have some way to hold passports and valuables safely, like a hidden money belt. Leave non-essential items at home. Use items you can afford to lose. Buy a cheap watch, rent a local phone.

Take a note of passport and credit card numbers. These are invaluable if the items are stolen. If you do use your mobile, take photos of you documents. Post photos of documents on the internet (email them to yourself) in case the phone gets stolen.

Look at what particular inoculations you will need. Some vaccines need a few weeks to reach full potential.

Avoid free Wifi, or at least don’t use confidential information like credit card numbers or passwords. There will be people looking to hack accounts.

Get travel insurance. Pray you never need it, but you will be glad if the situation forces you to make a claim.

 Airport Transfers

Arrange airport transfers in advance. Any reasonable hotel they should be able to arrange this for you. There will always be scammers and con-artists at the airport who target tourists. The hotel shuttle is the safest option; after that, the airline might have a few options.

Arrange an airport transfer to Sydney airport, and a transfer home after the return flight. You will be glad of it on both occasions.

AAA CLEANING – End of Lease Cleaning Sydney

What Items Should Leave Behind

Moving house is stressful, but it has its healthy side. We do tend to get rid of accumulated items of dubious value. Most people aren’t serious hoarders, but neither are they completely free of superfluous items. When we decide to move it is an opportunity to purge a little. Of course, it is a problem deciding what to discard.

Clothing: Top of the list because it’s usually the hardest decision. Items you wear on a regular basis must be retained. A few pieces of formal wear will probably need to be kept too; expensive, formal items are only used once or twice a year, but they are indispensible when they are needed. At the same time, one good fitting tuxedo is worthwhile; three formal suits are probably going to waste.

There are also the bulk items some people have. If you have a draw full of socks (in my case a draw full of identical socks) then keep any that are wearable. If they get used over time, then they are worth keeping.

Items that you always mean to fix are something of a dilemma. If they are expensive, keep them. If not, it might be best to discard them.

Paper records. You won’t die without your tax receipts and bills, but it might be a good idea to scan them to digital storage. Throw out the paper bulk and have a few digital copies in case you do need them for an audit.

Hidden Belonging: There’s always something under the stairwell and in the attic. Keep heirlooms and thrown out anything generic.

Bathroom laundry items. Half of what is stored in the bathroom cabinet became useless years ago. You will need toothpaste and basic products in your new house; get rid of the rest.

Photos: If there is one irreplaceable item on this list it is family photos. Never throw out any photo. It might be a good idea to scan them and have a digital copy. Keep digital copies on cd and online.

Sentimental items: If it has sentimental value you should keep it.

Look at items in terms of their bulk. Is it worth taking an old matress? Consider upgrading items

Unwanted items can either be disposed of, listed on eBay, or given to charitable causes.

End of Lease Cleaning Sydney

As for end of lease cleaning, do get things professionally cleaned. Never leave behind anything that the next owner doesn’t want. Spare tiles and carpet, and maybe the outdoor furniture are about the only things the next owner might appreciate. Anything else and your bond money might suffer.


Socks Online

Unlike many clothing items that require an exact fit a pair of socks can be satisfactorily ordered with information give online. If you know the right size it’s just a matter of finding the right type of sock.

Dress Socks

Actually the type of sock you wear most often, the casual and dress sock are virtually synonymous. These are usually neutral or darker in colour and have either straightforward patterns or no pattern at all. They are usually low cut, designed to keep the foot comfortable, and last reasonably well. Most of the time they are hidden under trousers, but even when unseen it is considered good form to match their colour to the suit or clothing worn.

Business socks or casual socks are basically the same as dress socks.

 Sports socks

As the name implies these sock are worn at the Gym, while hiking, or while playing sports. As a sport is about sweat, exertion and endurance the socks are designed to be fairly rugged and make the wearer reasonably comfortable. Part of this comfit is the thicker padding; part is the soaking up of sweet. Posts socks come in long and short varieties.

Protective socks

These are similar to sports socks, but more extreme. Imagine a pair of socks that stand up to several days hiking. Though not used often these socks are great under certain circumstances.

No socks/low cut socks

A latter development, these small socks just cover the area inside the shoe. You have the benefit of a comfortable sock, but the look of no socks.

Compression Socks

Designed to help blood flow problems in the feet. Doctors recommend them for some circulation conditions, but many people use them on long flights.

Order socks online for an economical buy.



mj clinic
Most effects of acupuncture massage are good, but some are a reaction to an underlying issue. The effect isn’t bad; it’s normal, given that the individual isn’t in absolutely perfect health. If we were in perfect health we wouldn’t have gone for a massage!

Sometimes things seem to get a little worse before they feel better. Make no mistake, they are actually getting better, it just feels uncomfortable at first; like losing a bad habit or giving up an addiction.

 Symptoms – Massage Burwood

Sometimes the very symptoms we went to have treated seem to get worse. This is termed a healing crisis. Your body is returning to correct functioning, and you healing systems is starting to work. You are probably experiencing heightened sensitivity, which means you notice bodily sensations that were previously in the background. You are also probably loosening muscles that you previously held tight. This can be simultansously uncomfortable and gratifying. Ever go on a skiing and feel sore because of all those muscles you don’t usually use? You muscles will be better for the experience, and there can be a gratification in this tiredness.

Tiredness – Massage Concord

It is not uncommon to feel fatigue after a massage.  Many people feel more energy, especially if they are regular patients. But after the first few sessions you might well feel tired.  This is neither unpleasant or a cause for concern. The tiredness feels like a continuation of what you felt during the massage. After a bath a nights rest you will better than your usual self.

Soreness – Acupuncture and Massage Homebush.

Were this only acupuncture it would seems obvious to the naïve- of course sticking things into me will make me sore; I’m surprised it isn’t worse! But the point is the treatment is helping. Like the recently exercised muscles the soreness is a sign of improvement.

Massage and acupuncture might be considered alternative aprouches by some, but they are very effective for many conditions, or just for feeling a lot better. Try an alternative to your present lifestyle, and find something new.

MJ Clinc offer massage and acupuncture for Strathfield, Concord, Homebush and Burwood.


For Dual Nationality Travellers:

Some individuals are considered citizens of two countries. This can effect legal and diplomatic arrangements. Dual citizenship can also affect consular assistance from Australia.

You could be considered dual citizen if:

  • If your parents were born overseas.
  • Your marriage partner has foreign citizenship
  • Individuals born overseas to Australian parents may have citizenship of that country.
  • Foreigners who acquired Australia citizenship may still have citizenship in their country of birth.

Australian citizens should use there Australian passport whenever they leave the country. It is possible for dual citizens to travel overseas on a passport from another country, but this can affect consular relations. An Australian consulate may not be able to help a citizen if they did not enter another country on their Australian passport.

Some countries impose military service on dual citizenship travellers. Consulates may have very limited authority here. Before travelling check with the embassy or consulate of the country you plan to visit, and get all information in writing. It may be best to avoid travel if a country has any grounds for imposing military service.

It is possible for dual national citizens to be charged under laws of their own country, even if the act was committed outside that country. It is best to both seek legal advice and consult the foreign countries consulate/embassy before you leave Australia.

Child custody can be an issue if another country regards the child as one of their citizens. This can lead to serious custody disputes; all matters should be resolved before the child enters any country that might have any claim to citizenship.

Persons who have been expelled from their country or origin may not be allowed to enter that country, even if they do have an Australian passport. The legal situation should be confirmed with the destination country before departure. Get any relavent information from the country in writing.

Always take out travel insurance; even if you have citizenship in a country you are visiting you may not be eligible for health coverage. Some countries simply do not have health coverage.

For further information:

We suggest an airport shuttle, Sydney transport and traffic vary and you should never risk missing a flight. Airport shuttles use the most practical route and can take advantage of bus lanes, giving you a worry free journey with which to commence your trip.