Decorating with blinds, Sydney


Functionality is foremost with blinds. They are neatly stored away when not in use, and effectively block out light when needed. This is simple and effective.

Child safe blinds: If you have small children we strongly recommend control rods rather than cords. Children can get caught in cords, and choking is an issue. Metal bead cords reduce this risk as the cord is designed to break, but control rods are safely out of the way and minimize the risk with shutters.

Style. Blinds can be anything from wood to metal to cloth to modern polymers. Colours vary according.

Other options than blinds: Although other countries often use plantation shutters, Sydney has minimal use for these Nonetheless, some individuals like the look of plantation shutters, and recognize the functional and security advantages they afford. They are also extremely long lasting and wooden shutters can be painted a different colour should the home ever be redecorated.

Printed Blinds: High definition digital photography allows us to print any image on a blind. Do you want to look out on the Paris skyline, or look like a surrealist painting? Then get it printed on a blind. These are great for a room with a minimalist look; the blind image is the room’s dominant feature, until it is rolled way for the light to come in.

Harsh Sunlight: The great advantage of cloth blinds is that some materials can filter out the harsh glare and UV rays while still letting the natural illumination in. All the benefits of natural light, like lower electricity bills, without the Sun damage. It’s useful warmth as well.

Hard to reach Windows: Motorized controls are great when the window is out of reach. This is very popular in large rooms or public spaces like auditoriums.

TV and film viewing: Need complete dark when viewing? Modern projectors and screen often need this for the best image. Blinds can give you this with ease.

Many places emphasize functionality with their style. Modern security doors, Sydney is not completely immune from threat, serve to look slick while still providing safety. Blinds, shutters and windows can be made to match the same look as the door.


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