Clean you’re carpet – Best Tricks

Remove all stains as soon a possible

  • Blot any stains don’t rub. Start from the outside and move inward.
  • Club soda is good for blotting, especially with alcohol bases stains.
  • For stubborn stains use part vinegar with equal parts water. Repeat this till the sin has gone, then wash with warm water dry overnight with white paper towels.
  • Shaving cream will remove many stains, using the methods described above, but always spot check the effects.

Particular stains:

  • Wax on carpet – put a white cloth over the wax stain and briefly heat this with an iron. Do not let it get too hot or the carpet will be damaged. Repeat if necessary. Finish with another ironing over a white paper towel. Repeat this is necessary.
  • Blood – start with diluted detergent and dab. Then use hydrogen peroxide.
  • Ink or grease – Mix some corn-starch and milk, allow it to dry on the stain, then vacuum.
  • Nail polish – Hairspray, Windex and nail polish remover can all work well here, though you should always spot check first.

Ask about carpet protector sprays. These need to be re-applied after each professional cleaning. Always ventilate the carpeted area afterwards.

Get professional carpet cleaning every 6 month and your carpets will last longer and look better.


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