A Little Sharp Advice

All about MJ Acupuncture

Eat before treatment. I prefer a healthy diet all the time, but if you are inclined towards inconsistency try eating well the day of your acupuncture or massage treatment, and the day before if possible. Acupuncture is about the direction of energy; it’s hard to direct the energy if you hardly have any left. Fasting can have some significant benefits in some situations, but don’t fast before an acupuncture treatment.

Be patient after treatment. Don’t exert yourself after a session. Sometime a wound we are looking after feels worse often some acupuncture, but you find it rapidly improved because of what we are doing. What we are trying to do is direct the energy towards the problem; if you direct your energy everywhere else the treatment is less effective.

Drink water afterwards

Avoid any alcohol of drugs for 6 hours after treatment

If you are on any medication, mention it to the acupuncture practitioner. It is usually fine.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

If you are pregnant tell the acupuncture practitioner; a few points are avoided with pregnant women, though they can still receive acupuncture treatments.

All questions about MJ Acupuncture can be asked in advance. We are here to help.


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