Japan tours – Oddities

Heated seat in trains, restaurants and bathrooms. There are heaters for shoes.

Extremely Hygienic. Napkins and hot moist towels ate every opportunity.

Shoes taken off indoors, a habit that is slowly making its way to the west.

Tipping is almost unheard of, sometime insulting.

Genders roles are fairly rigid.

Punctuality. Trains leave on time, elevator doors close without warning. Just hurry to be there or you miss out.

By contrast with the punctuality, apparently business decisions involve great reflection. This is never inefficiency, but a reflection on the importance given each decision.

Everything makes the best use of space. Over 120 million people in a very small landmass, so everything is smaller or served double duty.

Most services are expensive, but having luggage shipped was relatively cheap.

Few public trash cans, which is odd to reconcile with the cleanliness of the country. Recycling is quite intricate.

Theft is a very rare thing. You won’t get valuable stolen. Crime is very rare. The odd theft is reported in the popular news, but usually it is some crazy fetish; nothing of value is stolen.

Taxis are expensive; trains are less expensive but a little better with a weekly pass. Train stations and diagrams often lack any symbols useful to foreign travellers.

Maps are different in Tokyo, especially for train stations. Instead of naming streets the maps name the blocks; the Japanese seem to have a different way of representing the world. Addresses are by district number, block number, and building number according to age. Streets are just the space between the block.

Japan is not multicultural. 98% of people are ethnic Japanese; most of the remainder are Korean and Chinese. In such a homogeneous society individuals are expected to understand the traditions and rules.

If you want to save money you need to do a lot of internet research beforehand.

To experience a very different culture talk to AriRang for Japan Tours.


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