A few cleaning hacks

Though your grandparents wouldn’t have used the term ‘hack’ they probably knew a few ‘tricks of the trade’ or ‘insider’s secrets’ as they were once termed. A hack is that particular method of solving a particular problem in an efficient and effective way. A few home and office cleaning ideas from our Sydney readers are included below.

CLEANING GAS COOKTOP: Remove Knobs and soak in soapy/detergent water. Anything removable from the cooker can be cleaned in this way. Vacuum the cooktops surface to remove loose crumbs and then the surface with a cloth dampened in water and detergent. Make sure the cloth is only damp as water flowing into the mechanism is an issue. Lastly, clean the grates with baking soda sprinkled directly on the grates; mix kosher salt and baking soda if necessary.
If the grates are particularly hard to clean, put them in a plastic bag overnight with some ammonia.

CRUMBS IN CORNERS: If the vacuum doesn’t reach, use masking tape.

SOAP SCUM ON TILES: Use Liquid shower gel.

CLEAN BLENDERS: Blend soap and water.

TOYS: Many, but not all, can go through the dishwasher. Proceed with caution, however, as a few plastics will melt.

COFFEEMAKER: Equal parts vinegar and water can clean a coffeemaker. Check the instruction first. Always flush out with water afterwards.

FOOD ON DISHES: Soak a dryer sheet in a dirty dish overnight.
AIR VENTS. Glue some cloth onto a paddle pop stick or old chopstick, and then use it to clean the vents.

WOODEN KITCHEN CABINETS: Mix Vegetable oil and baking soda to get gunk off a wooden kitchen surface.

DRY PAINT ON CLOTHES: A disposable razor can remove some paint stains; also removes piling.

GREASE ON CLOTHING: Chalk with remove some grease stains.

LEATHER: Shoe polish can remove discolouration from worn leather. Finding the right colour polish is a trick, but application is the same as cleaning shoes.

WORN SHOES: If polish isn’t covering up the wear marks, try spraying the shoes with methylated spirits, applying polish liberally, and leave in the Sun for a few hours. Then polish as usual.

NAIL POLISH ON CARPET/CLOTH: Rubbing alcohol and a microfiber will remove most nail polish.

CHEESE GRATER: Grate a raw potato, then wash as normal. The cheese will come lose.

PET HAIR: Use a Squeegee

LIPSTICK: Try hairspray. Wait 10 minutes and dap with a damp cloth.


AIR EXTRACTORS AND FANS:Use a can of compressed air. As blocked extractors can be a fire hazard we recommend regular cleaning.

For Home cleaning have separate cleaning equipment for the bathroom, toilet and kitchen. Label if you have to, but do this to avoid cross-contamination. This works for kitchens in Office cleaning too.

For home, office or strata cleaning call AAA Cleaning, Sydney.


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